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Monkey Tailed Kitten

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Never seen such a site as a curly tail on a cat but, I have just that! :tounge2: The vet nor anyone else seems to know the cause so I thought I would post a note and picture and see if anyone here recognizes this behavior or what could possibly be the cause.

Thank you for any replies.
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Pinky is a great name for her! As to the tail - I have no clue (as usual) but it is adorable!
There will be someone here who has an answer there always is!

Please also come to the forum for 'new cats' and introduce yourself and the family (fur and otherwise)
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Thank you for a reply and I will go now to the new cats and let the gang now a little about my family.

Thank you again Debra

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One of my cats has a tail that lays up on her back much of the time, but the curly tail on your cat is perfect lol
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Thank you for posting a reply fireshoes. I have seen the tail laid on the back. I've always been told that the tail was used for balance and that is why I am so puzzled on this curled tail.

Pinky climbs ladders and gets up high on many things, she doesn't seem to be out of balance so, guess I'll keep watching the posts til I find someone that may have a clue to the cause.

Thank you again.
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Hi! I'm very curious about this too! It's funny because my husband keeps telling me that at one of the apartment complexes he delivers to their is a cat with a curly tail (just like Pinky's). I want to know why?
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Thank you for your reply. Please let your husband look at Pinky's picture and verify that this is the way this other cats tail is curled.

My husband insists that the mother cat breed with a Pug dog. :laughing: LOL

Thank you again and let me know what he says.
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My kitten has a really curly tail too! I will post a picture of him when I fix my Scanner! Pinkie is such a cute cat...
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Ring tails they are called Ring tails- there is a breeder working with them now - she has a web site but I am sorry I am not home but at work and can't remeber the address - will post it later tonight for you to seee them - Linda
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Oh Linda you are my hero. I finally have found something regarding this. Thank you thank you thank you.

I can't wait till you get home.

Talk soon.
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I searched for ring tail cats and found this site - thought it was pretty good!


The only thing I didn't agree with is the woman breeding the brother and sister (Max Tail & Michelle). I don't know if breeders do that ocassionally to get a trait or what but I always thought that caused problems.
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Hey I also looked it up and just received an email back from Susan. She has doubts right now that the genetics are the same based on pictures but I have not sent her any details.

I will post more info as I get it.

Looks more promising than anything I have seen so far though.
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That is the site I was gonna send to you Linda
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Linda I went to this site and couldn't find anything regarding the tails being curled or ring tailed cats. Could this be a incorrect web address?

Love to hear.

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I had gone to your link to the Siberean Cat site.

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