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Cornish/Devon Rex

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Hi! I am looking for a recommendation for a Breeder of Rex Kitties. I am looking for a PET kitten or a retired breeder, Would be prefered to already have it altered, As I breed Persians. My 14 year old daughter is in love with the Rex Kitties. Doesn't matter color, sex... Would be a plus for her to be able to show the kitty in jr. Thanks everyone! Dawnde
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It must be a thing...because all the Persian breeders I know share a love for Devon Rex too. I must admit not a fan of the Cornish Rex, but each to their own. Good luck on your search!
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I didn't care for the look of the cornish & Then I seen a little white Devon..... My daughter has always loved them & now I think she is at a perfect age to care & show one. Thanks!!!
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