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Health question about my 16 year old cat

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I have a 16 year old cat named Princess. I have her litter box in the basement and lately I've noticed she as problems going up and down the stairs. There are 11 total steps from the first floor to the basement and Princess would take 2-3 steps and stop, take a breather and take another 2-3 steps until she reaches the bottom. Same story when she comes up but a few days ago she had no problems going up/down the stairs. Also she loved to jump on my bed and keep me company and lately she hasn't been doing that. I was wondering could she have arthritis, if cats can even get arthritis in the first place?
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Please move your litter pan upstairs to an area where she can get to it easily. Yes, as they get older, just like us, their bones get brittle, organs begin to break down, arthritis sets in, heart disease is discovered. It sounds like your cat needs a break from those stairs and it is my hope that you can give her two or three other pans in other rooms where it is easier to do her business. Think about it for a minute, say you are an elderly woman and you are in a boarding house. The only bathroom in the home is upstairs and you live downstairs. Would you want to climb those stairs umpty times a day to go pee?

Also it would be a good idea to take your cat in and have a Senior Panel run on her.
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Awww bless her Yes, she certainly sounds like she needs a helping hand
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what Hissy said...My nearly17 yr old take glucosamine and chondrodin 2-3 times a week... some food s have this in them ...

Is she a bit heavy??? Is she eating senior food??
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I think Hissy said it all...and I agree, it would be a good time for some blood work as well, since a Senior Panel will check how her thyroid is functioning, her kidney function etc. Please keep us posted on how she's doing. I have a special love of senior catizens, since my Patrick is 18+ and my Tyler is approaching his 16th birthday
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I took Princess to the vet last night and the news was far worse than I expected. The Doctor said she is severely dehydrated,may have a possible tumor in her stomach and she is dying. They took her in for the night and strapped her to an IV unit and ran some blood tests. I have to call the Doctor later today for the results of the blood tests. I will be back later to give you an update.
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I am so sorry you got this unexpected news. I do hope they can do something to preserve Princess's quality of life.
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Oh no!!!! I really hope the vets wrong in this case about the tumour

Your both in my thoughts, bless her little heart
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So sorry to hear it isnt good news. Hopefully the blood tests will come back fine, and that she doesnt have a tumour.
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I hope the vet did a thyroid test too.
My elderly baby had dehydration probs when her thyroid went hyper.
Any liquid she drank just went thru her so fast.

I hope Princess is Ok....
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Ok I got off the phone with the vet a little while ago and here is what he had to say. She is taking antibiotics and she is eating better and she is rehydrated. There is a mast on one of her kidneys and the kidney itself is enlarged, the other kidney is fine. Her BUN level is 100, Can anyone tell me what a BUN level is? Also her liver enzymes are high and there was no mention of anything wrong with her thyroid.

Thank You all for your support and concern for Princess. I'm really glad I found this website.
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DANG Internet Explorer errors! I just wrote you a very long note. This one will be shorter. BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen - the level of urea nitrogen created as a waste product of protein metabolism.
click here to go to a superb site that explains BUN and other aspects of tests that test kidney function.

While dehydration will also cause an increased BUN, one possible reason is CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)...the site link above - read the entire site, it is the best on the internet re CRF.

I hope your gal does not have CRF, but if she does, know that I have two cats with this (one diagnosed 3 years ago) and there are options for giving them several more good quality of life years more. I do realize that some definitions of what good quality of life is, vary, but in my opinion, my fellow still has this, it is not yet his time.
Please continue to keep us posted...I am very sorry that Princess is going through all of this.
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Oh I am sorry for you and Princess.
Please take care and best wishes.
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It is with great sadness I report to you that Princess was euthanized earlier today.

The Vet called me up this morning and told me the Princess was not doing too good. He said that she became lethargic and asked me if we visited her last night. I said no but we were going to go see her tonight and the vet said "To be honest with you,I don't think she is going to make it tonight." I told him we would go as soon as possible. We went to see her and one of the other doctors said that at her age Euthanasia would be the best option and he left us so we could spend time with her. In case you are wondering who we are it's myself and my Aunt Ida. Doctor came back and we told him we would like to euthanize her and have her creamated. We are going to take Princess' ashes and we are going to spread them around my Uncle Joe's grave.

I can't thank each and everyone of you who helped me get through these tough times.

Is there anyway I can post a picture of Princess. It says I may not post atachments but can I anyway?
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Poor Princess, but at least she is free from pain and suffering now. I think you did the best thing for her, it sounds like she had too many things to treat. It is nice that you are going to have her cremated.

About photos, you have to put a link to a website, but someone who knows more will be able to tell you the right kind of ones that you can use.
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Oh i'm so, so sorry


If you want to e-mail her picture to me i can put one on for you?, let me know if you want my e-mail addy
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I am very sorry for your loss.
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What a lovely, lovely girl!
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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful girl.
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Rest in peace sweet Princess.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. May your sweet Princess rest in peace.
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