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"Why Do I Bother?"

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During Kitten Season when I had two rambuctious kitties underfoot everyday this poem said it all. I was never so grateful to find them a good home and they went to the same home together!

Why do I bother,
to clean up the house?
to dust off my computer
and oil my mouse.

To go each room
that resembles a war...
Because every object is now on the floor!

All of our treasures,
scattered like rain
and each room destroyed
by 2 hurricanes!

So I start to repair order
but there is a distraction
Four beady eyes
watch my every action!

So I scrub and I wash,
and I set items on shelves
and still I am watched
by two furry elves!

So once the room's clean
and I close the door
I think that I hear-
Objects hitting the floor!

So why do I bother?
to clean everyday?
Because my house is a playground
For two kittens at play!
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I have 4 that are all in close range right now, so that really hit home
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Hey - you just described Smudgie and Ripley - the mess-o-maters!
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Great poem, as usual. It reminds me of Maya Linn and Carly.
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