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Peeing Problem

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I have read all of the suggestions in the inappropriate peeing threads, but I am at the end of my rope.... I have a 9 month old male cat... who I have had to the vet twice in June, did a round of anti biotics, even though the vet did not find anything, and I can not stop him from peeing on my carpet. It is only in my living room...He is fixed... he isnt spraying... clearning squatting and peeing.. even watching me watch him... I hate literally picked him up folded him up like a ball and he has went on himself.. or I have held him over the sink and he continues to go... Everyone keeps telling me this is strange behavior for a cat but he continues to do it ....I used the vodka trick last night... and he avoided his three spots this am, but chose a new one.... He does use his box sometimes.. I have three other cats... two outdoor and one other indoor... I have several boxes... Any suggestions on what I might be missing???

Thanks so much
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Hey Gina....our the outdoor cats neutered? Could he be "marking his territory" so to speak? Have you tried using a piece of carpet in the litterbox and place it over the spot he last peed?

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Are you using a good enzymatic product to clean your carpet after he goes?

You have to remove all traces of urine from it or else he'll just keep coming back.

Are you in a house or an apartment? If someone has lived there before you, he might be picking up on a previous cat.
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I would take this cat to a feline specialist NOW- if this is a health problem, and it certainly sounds like it is, not addressing it now could mean costly vet bills in the future-

www.urine-off.com has the best product around to get rid of the stains and odors of cat urine
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His continuing to pee after you've picked him up is very odd. Did you tell the vet about this as well?

You might have to put a litterbox right there on the spot where he pees. Once he begins to use it, scoot it a couple of inches a day until it is in a more desirable place. Even though it won't be pleasant having a litter box in the living room, a litter box is better than a pee-soaked carpet! Also, you can buy litter box cabinets which look like fine furniture.
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I hope I dont get shouted at for this because believe me ive had it alot since i jioned yesterday..........but have you tried sprinkling a t-bag over you living room floor messy for a few days i know but it could work......i'm not promising anything and he may go else where..but surely worth a try...also i would strongly suggest you take him to a specialist/vet that specialises in cats/animal hospital as although he has been before they could well be missing something as cats usually stop peeing when you pick them up.
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He could have an idiopatic cystitis like my cat, which is basically when the vet has no clue as of the reasons the cat is sick, but this cat sounds just like my poor cat. My cat would also pee when picked up and pee on the table at the vets. Apparently the bladder is irritated so the cat is sick. Had the vet tell you about special food to feed the cat? If your vet doesn't suggest anything, try another vet, because from your description your cat sounds really sick. It's not strange behavior as my cat is doing the exact same thing because of his idiopatic cystitis. He peed on the vet, he peed on the table at the vets, and he is peeing on my rugs and in the sink.
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Thank you so much for all the suggestions... I did manage to get a urine sample last night and I am dropping it off...I also bought the feliway plug ins and spray yesterday... I have been trying to follow him around most of the day and I think he is sick of my face Yes, the outdoor cats are neutured... The vet suggested if the feliway doesnt help... maybe he needs an anti-depresant? I dont know much about this, but he does not appear to me to be a nervous cat.. he never hides.. loves attention, even from strangers... I suppose cat anxiety is different from people though..

Thanks again
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