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I now have a kit!

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I told a bunch of you I would be getting a kitten when I got back from Florida... well I have! It is a black and white six week old kitten we named Jinx (actually Jinxie Cat - parent's idea...) and I am really excited!

We had to choose between a beautiful white cat with black patches (which was female) or a black and white cat with white fur around one eye, black around the other (which is a male).

Like I said I'm really excited to have a cat... because I havn't had on in nearly three years... and I will try and get photos up ASAP!

(<-- kinda looks like that, only smaller)
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How exciting I am excited for you too. I love kittens. They are so precious, well all our babies are but kittens are just so tiny and so cute and cuddly and playful and and and OMG this is great news
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Brilliant Tyler!!!

Jinx sounds a sweetie

Does Jinx have a nose smudge like Rosie and Sophie?
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Thanks guys! Sounds like you're just as excited as me! lol!

Oh and rosiemac, actually... Jinx looks just like Sophie, only smaller!
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Congratulations Tyler Jinkx is lucky to have such a wonderful new home I brought Cosette home when she was 6 weeks old and she was this adorable bundle of black and white fluff....I can only imagine how precious Jinx is . Can't wait to see pics!
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Originally Posted by Tyler502
Thanks guys! Sounds like you're just as excited as me! lol!

Oh and rosiemac, actually... Jinx looks just like Sophie, only smaller!
Awwwwwwww now i can't wait to see Jinx!!!

A mini Sophie
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Congratulations, is this your first kitty?
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Congratulations on your Jinx (or will he be called JC? I have a JC) Sounds like a real cutie! Will he be an only kitten, or will you be getting another to keep him company? I look forward to reading updates!
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Congrats on your furbaby!

I hope to see lots of pictures! Jinx is a lovely name!

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I hope you enjoy your new kitty as she (am i right she is a she?) sounds like a real beauty. I can't wait to see photo;s of your new baby and I think the name is great!

Kittens are just so cute, but before you know it she'll be really big so make the most of the kitten stage. I have a 14 week old kitten and she is gorgeous!

Love Eva and Cats x
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Congratulations, Tyler! That is certainly great news!

I can't wait to see some pictures of little Jinx!
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Thanks everybody!

Well, being so young we can't really tell yet if it's a boy or girl, but we believe it's a boy, but we could be wrong.

It's not my first kitten. A stray cat wondered to my house a couple years ago, and she was pregnant. She ended up staying at our house and had four really cute kittens. We gave the kittens away, and the mom ran away.

Now we have Jinx! I hope to have pictures soon... but my webcam is broke and I don't have a digital camera or scanner. But don't worry, you'll see him one way or another- all of you!
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Tyler when you take Jinx to the vet for a checkup they should be able to tell if it's a he/she because Rosie and Sophie were 6 weeks when i got them as well.
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Congratulations, Tyler!!! I know you have been waiting for this!
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Congrats My Friend!! ..
Any pic soon? ....
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Hopefully some pics. soon. But I donno, I won't be getting a digital camera until my birthday... in September...
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Congratulations, Tyler. I like the name Jinxie Cat. Another black and white "jcat" or "JC", I see! I wish you a world of fun with him/her, and am looking forward to stories of his/her kitten escapades.
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