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Shelter Cats

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Here's a few of the many cats I work with

Mr Purrdy, he is a resident, with cat aids.

Tierza a blind cat (was thrown from a roof) minding the kittens. He used to babysit all the new kittens and let them suckle his stomach for comfort. He actually found a home a few months back.

Jenny, her owners neglected her skin cancer so we had to have her ears removed.

Sassy, found in a woods, has a home now

Nuba sleeping on the radiator

Alice.. classic black.. she's a bit crosseyed

Alice and Crystal... Crystal is friendly, Alice will take your hand off if you stroke her.. they are identical so we have to be careful

I'll take more pics next week, there's about 40 cats
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Awwww bless their little hearts

Oh it makes me so mad when i hear stories like Tierza being thrown from a roof, or the owners neglecting Jenny like that

I swear this is when i could literally murder another human!!

Your doing a fantastic job!
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Awww, they're all so beautiful. Kudos to you for doing a great job.
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Awww, they are so beautiful all of them It breaks my heart to know these little ones have been hurt in some way. Thrown off a roof, neglected when ill, lost I am happy to know they are in a shelter but it still breaks my heart.

The shelter in our community is not a no kill shelter so 73% of all cats that go to the shelter end up being put to sleep..
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All the animals that come to us are here for life unless they get a nice screened home.
There are 2 yards of dogs, and I counted yesterday, I usually work the main 'big dog' yard, and out of 14 dogs there are 3 that are actually up for adoption.
There's not many dogs in my yard atm, mainly because it is getting harder to 'add' dogs to the pens. Usually they are in pairs. There was 27 in my yard in january
The cats live in the house, the kitchen, hall, and then there are 2 rooms and a hallway as the kitten playroom.
We decided about 6 months ago that the adult cats are no longer for adoption, so we opened the front doors and let them out into the garden. They all stayed, it is the only building for miles, and there is a mobile home at the end of the paddock full of couches for the cats to sleep in, but they like the comfort of the house still so come and go as they please
The reason we stopped homing adults was because they weren't settling in their new homes and the second they were let outdoors most wandered off and never came back.

Here is an idea of the dog pens if you are interested
All the dogs have access to the outdoors to lie in the fresh air and sunbathe. We have to lock the backs at night though because of dog thieves.

They also get 3 20minute runs down the fields daily.

The dog stories are the worst as they get abused more.. I could do a dog pic thread, I have loads of pics but are you allowed post non cat pics?
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They have plenty of room there!

You have dog thieves?!, why, are some pedigree?

How do you fund yourselves, through donations?
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in ireland there is a big problem with the travelling community stealing dogs like greyhounds, lurchers, wolfhounds, and also fighting dogs like shepherds and pitbulls.
Almost every single sighthound that comes in was taken from them in a state of starvation, mange, and lots of cuts and infections.
Because of this we refuse to home sighthounds in ireland, all of them are sent to england to special rescues.
There have been previous breakins and robberies of greyhounds and we have managed to get all back bar one greyhound who was a nervous wreck, and terrified of men, so the men who stole her killed her.

We are a registered charity and rely on donations and fundraisers.
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Thats so sad, and horrible

I can never understand why people can be so cruel

Thank God for people like you
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Here was one of the incidents, this is the shelter's hompage, but it is a few years out of date.

Break In
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AbbeyCat you are doing a great job with your rescue work. I know from doing it myself that there is no better feeling than the warm fuzzies you get from saving an animal from a bad situation. I live in a small apt (flat) so fostering kittens is what I do (bottle feeders a specality). I foster adult cats also but of course kittens are the most fun. The most satisfaction though I think comes from gaining the trust of an abused cat and being able to find him a family of his or her own to love and live with.
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I've just read the link you put up and thats so sad

But like Howard said the satisfaction you must get out of gaining their trust back must make you feel you've done a fantastic job
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Abbeycat, you're an for working with this shelter. It looks like a wonderful place.

You are more than welcome to post pictures of the dogs. We're all cat lovers here, but for the most part we're really just plain animal lovers.
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It's nice to see them all looking happy and comfortable. I'm glad they are well taken care of. They are so pretty!
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Thanks Will I post the dog pics in the lounge?
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They are all beautiful!! God bless you for showing these fuzzy creatures love & kindness. You must be a very strong & special person to be able to work with these wounded and abandoned animals.
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Originally Posted by AbbeyCat
Thanks Will I post the dog pics in the lounge?
You can post them here in Fur Pictures. They DO have fur. Fur Pictures can be pics of cats, dogs, bunnies, ferrets, etc.
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oo I posted it in the lounge.. cool so I can post my other pets too?? I have so many I love taking pics of them
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Well since we're on this topic I'll show a few of the cats that I work with Though I'm only a volunteer soo yeah

^^ That's Stitch she is such a SWEET HEART when I first met her she didn't want to come out of her cage so I let her take her time.

^^ Lexus was my best friend I don't know what happened to her but I just hope she didn't get put down

^^ That's Raliey, hehe such a lap kitty..he sat on my lap the entire time I was in the room

^^ This is Hazy, she is such a devil cat she attacked my arm

^^ evidence of meeting Hazy

^^ That's Foxy..I'm a bit concerned about her because she is in a room roaming free with other cats and when I was in there I noticed that she doesn't get along too well with other cats sooo yeah.

This is Stars..she would be a good cat for like the elderly because the entire time I was with her she was so relaxed just sleeping on the couch next to me.

^^ Sweatpants was probably one of the most active cats in there he was bouncin off the walls everywhere lol so if you want a 24/7 play play play adopt sweatpants.

And that's everyone that I have played with recently.
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All of you who rescue & care for homeless animals, of any kind, are angels of mercy, who deserve our deepest respect & gratitude.
Thank you for sharing their pictures. I will look forward to seeing more.
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awww look at them
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OK here's pics from today!
I couldn't find the wild cats but i'll look harder tomorrow, was very busy today.

First off is Kitsky, a very small adult because she was spayed too young. I caught her sleeping in seven-and-nine's cupboard because 7&9 lives in it but she has gone on one of her wanderings.

Nuba actually awake!

Whiskey, one of my faves

Wesley wedged into a 'comfortable' 'bed'

Calum, a very battle scarred tom cat, split ears and a split tongue, we have to help him drink because it is hard to drink with 2 halves of a tongue.. fun to watch him wash himself though

The kitten room is pretty empty atm, as all the kittens that have been dumped so far are in the vets. These are mostly 'leftovers' from last year and will probably become residents.
The one in the radiator bed is CoinÃ:censor:n, Irish for rabbit, because she is so skittish and afraid. She will be let out in our grounds when she is slightly more comfortable with humans.. there's no way she will ever be adoptable.
Sonny, the white one has a good chance of a home apart from his eyes which require drops and cleaning daily. It took a lot of hard work to gain his trust. And Lucy Green in the basket was caught in a snare and is still recovering from the wounds inflicted by the biting wire. She may become tame but so far it's not looking good.

And hiding in the box are kitsky and Charming, Charming is worse than CoinÃ:censor:n, they came together and will be 'released' as well.

Wesley waiting for compost to be spread so he can have a nice fresh toilet

Whiskey being cuddly

And Mr. Purrdy laying claim to the sunny spot.

Sorry for the mess in the background, we are preparing for our annual open day and its rush rush, and cleaning up is last on the list, painting, repairs etc are first.
I'll get the other cats next time, I was suprised to see so few today
Anyways, hope these will do for now
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Awwwww bless their little hearts Who wouldn't want those little treasures
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Abby Cat you are so sweet for taking such great care of so many animals.

I'm curious - with so many different animals sharing a common household/spcae, is it hard for all the animals to be introduced to one another and to get along?

Again, congrats on such a great job!
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Well the cats know not to enter the 2 dog yards, except Crystal.. she needs to be shooed out occasionally.
The house dogs are mainly geriatric and can't be bothered to chase the cats and the cats generally walk all over them or sleep in their baskets. No cat-chasers are allowed in the house.
And with the goats and sheep, well they are in sheds from 9:30-5pm, and then we lock the dogs up and let them all out down the fields to graze, so they never come in contact.
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I WANT TO ADOPT THEM ALL! I adopted my kitty from a kill shelter and he is the purrrrfect companion.
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These are some of the shelter cats I have known over the last couple of years.

This is Altair at around 4 or 5 weeks, I fostered him and his brothers Orion & Deneb. Orion was adopted to my friend Mike and the others went to good homes.

This is Deneb at the same age.

This is Orion at the same age.

This is Angel. She was the shelter princess for about 8 months before she found her person.

Pigpen 1 of my foster kittens grown up. He was adopted as a kitten by my neighbor John.


- 37 pics
26 of

Tom Auto,He was hit by a car and I found him laying by the side of the road. I took him to the shelter's vet and the x-rays showed that his hip was shattered in five places. Surgery was out of the question because of the cost, but one of the vet techs said she could keep him in cage rest at her farm and see if he would heal. He did and got himself a very good home .

Some foster kittens. We were all pretty comfortable.


Pounce at lunch


32 of 37

Deliaha The Shelter Princess RIP Ocr. 2004


I wish I could remember her name. She was a very old girl who came to us when her person died. She didn't have any teeth and she kissed everyone by gumming their nose then licking it. She lived at the shelter for 4 or 5 months before she died one night.

Tom Auto and a kitten we called Jumpin Jack. Tom Auto loved to wash all the kittens he could. He is a very nurturing cat.

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It never fails, every time I see photos of these shelter/foster cats I break into tears. It really cannot be said enough about how shelter workers and volunteers are such godsends to these precious souls. I admire, respect and envy what you do to bring comfort and hope to so many cats who deserve so much better than what they have endured.

Seeing these photos makes me hold onto my kitties and thank God that they have a safe loving home. It's overwhelming, all these cats and so few homes to take them in. I have no idea how you don't lose your mind with sadness for them.

As always, thank you for sharing such precious photos.
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All you people who help these kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, any animal really deserve a round of applause!
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Here, here!

I was meant to reply to this topic yesterday, but I got so carried away reading all the stories I forgot to reply!

I like Whiskey - he is a very pretty cat IMO
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Originally Posted by xocats

All of you who rescue & care for homeless animals, of any kind, are angels of mercy, who deserve our deepest respect & gratitude.
That is SO true!!
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