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hiya bunny situation and freda update

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Hi people just thought id tell you that i havent been able to get freda yet,i was supposed to get her yesterday but i got a bunny instead!Im getting freda soon tho.Does anyone know if cats dislike bunnys? my lily gets on ok with the rabbit until i let it hop about outside its hutch then she trys to pounce on it but i know shes just playing and the bunny doesnt seem frightened at all.Lily isnt violent and never attacks or bites anything she just likes pouncing then she walks off.should i keep these to apart?
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Hi Janine!

Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get Freda yet! What has been happening there?! I really hope that you can get her soon!

I have no idea about bunnies and cats, but Fwan has a bunny and a cat and they get on well! She might be on later and be able to give you some advice!
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Hopefully you can get freda soon. I can't wait to see pictures of both bunny and freda I am not sure about cats and bunnys although I have heard they do get along nicely but I am not sure if that is from kitten and baby bunny growing up together or what... I am sure someone will be along to help you with that question
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iv been so busy with bunny i thought it would be unfair to get freda because i wouldnt be able to give her all the attention until bunny settled in. But my rabbit is all ready settled nicely and shes very tame so im hoping to go get freda tonight,it depends on my bf really because i cant drive so i cant get her myself but im keeping my fingers crossed that il get her now.Il keep you updated and il get some pics of my rabbit,shes called dolly.
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I had bunnies last year, and they played "tag" with the cats in the yard. It was so hilarious to watch. Unfortunately, when I was out of town, my hubby relocated the bunny pen, and didn't bury the fence, and the bunnies weren't neutered yet, so they promptly tunneled out. One of the bunnies would come around at dusk, but he wouldn't let us catch him. Dolly sounds like she's been handled alot, which is great. I'm sure that she'll be great entertainment for Lily, and for Freda!
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so you dont think that lily might attack her because shes usually very sweet and good natured.I suppose the only way i could know is if i let them be together for a while and see what happens.
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Hi!! Congratulations on the new additions to your family.

I used to have a bunny named Hunny, who went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. She loved cats, and she was best friends with Tailer. Hunny was defintely the boss of the house, too, and wouldn't let Tailer get out of line. We got Tailer when he was a kitten. Hunny was a free-running litter-box-trained house rabbit and she practically raised him. He still has mannerisms and does things that we know she taught him. Tailer used to love to chase her and play with her, and she loved to be chased. Her tail was an irresistible temptation to Tailer, and she would sit in the middle of the floor and twitch it until she got his attention and he'd chase her.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when you have cats and rabbits together, though. The most important thing is that ANY cat bite or scratch can be easily become infected and be FATAL to a rabbit. So you need to keep a close eye on the action and make sure it doesn't get rough. If it does, and the bunny gets scratched or bit, get it to a rabbit veterinarian right away.

The House Rabbit Society had this article on its site about cats and rabbits together, which you may find useful:

Cats and Rabbits

The HRS site actually has a TON of information about caring for a rabbit, so I strongly encourage you to look around. They're a terrific organization. (I used to volunteer as an educator with our local chapter, and I'd also be happy to help answer any questions you may have.)

Have fun!!
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Babs, my bunny, is mostly free-roaming. The cats don't quite know what to make of her, but I don't worry about them together at all. Both my cats have a low prey drive though, so that may be something you have to think about. Rabbits are generally the same size as cats. My rabbit and cats like to play, sniff each other, and run around. Babs will initiate being chased. I've never had a problem with either cat actually pouncing on the rabbit, but you will want to supervise their time together at least initially.

The House Rabbit Society has a great info sheet on cats and rabbits-


I feel totally safe leaving Babs outside her cage for most of the day and night. Just make sure the cats do not get into her cage, and if they do train them to stay out. Bunnies need their own house- where nothing else will wander.
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Opps- looks like someone beat me to posting the link. Sorry about the repetition there!!
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I'll move this to Behavior since we get a lot of questions there about mixed households. Hopefully this information will be helpful to future members as well.
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When I was a kid, we had bunnies that lived outside. One time the matriarch escaped her cage and ran down the alley. We couldn't find her. We (us kids) were looking for her, and our cat was "helping." He found her in some brush next to someone's garage. He went into the brush to investigate and came out quick; he didn't go back in again. After that, he gave the rabbits a wide berth. I don't know what happened in the brush, but I think maybe rabbits are a little tougher than they look ...
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thanx all for your help!
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