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Lock your doors and windows!

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Be sure to lock your doors and windows at home. A Georgia man was found dead in his home over the weekend. Detectives at the scene found the man face down in his tub. The tub had been filled with milk, sugar, and corn flakes.
A banana was sticking out of his bu tt. Police suspect a cereal killer.

I found this on another site. Made me LOL!
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Oh, that is just ugly!

Go stand in the corner! LOL!
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awww range of emotions...confused...scared...sad...realization...funny...twisted
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Oh, I wasn't sure about locking my doors at first, but once it got to the banana.... My doors are never going to be unlocked now!!!!! LOL
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Oh that's really bad... Go wash out your mouth with four favorite whiskey.
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That was so bad it was good.
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post #9 of 17 it is, 12:30 AM, I'm in Georgia and my back door is wide open.

For all of 5 seconds you had me shaking in my kitty slippers
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Geez, what a way to go. You put me off having cereal though.
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And i sliced a banana onto mine?!

The old ones are the best!
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I wasn't expecting that!
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Jeepers!!! I wasn't expecting that either.. I roared laughing when I read the ending.. And since I am at work I was looked at like I was totally baked..
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Oh what has my state of Georgia come to?
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That was so funny!

I LOVE that smiley by the way!
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