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I have my 2 year old cat Joshua mostly on home-made food now. Kinah (6 months old) is still on dry kitten food. That makes feeding time VERY difficult.

Kinah will eat anything. She loves both the dry food and the homemade food. While Joshua prefers the dry food (that's what he's used to and he's very fussy about new food). He has been eating the homemade stuff but only a few bites at a time. He eats a few bites, goes away for a while, comes back, eats a few more bites. To get him to eat the amount of food he should be eating takes over an hour.
During all that time I have to keep Kinah from stealing his food.

At first I was mixing the dry food and the homemade food for Joshua but it didn't work. For some reason he wont eat the dry food if it's mixed with the homemade food.
I've tried confining one of them to the bedroom but that doesn't work either. If I confine Joshua, he gets upset and doesn't eat. If I confine Kinah, she gets upset, starts meowing and that distracts Joshua (and drives me crazy).

I don't know what to do anymore. Unless I can spend over an hour twice a day keeping Kinah out of Joshua's food, Joshua will end up eating just a few bites.
Any ideas?