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At last!!! The Fellowship of the Ring!

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I can't belive it's actually here! Hubby and me have been waiting for this movie for so long. We went to see it on Friday!

Any Tolkien fans here? I wonder what people thought about the film. Plese tell us what you thought and whether or not you've read the book and liked it. We're devoted to the books, so all the places where the director changed things were a real bummer for us. Then again, there are some stunning visual images in the movie and all in all I had a wonderful time!
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Ironically being a huge book buff, I hadn't ever read any of Tolkein's books. However when the Lord of the Rings movie was announced I went out and bought all the books! I still haven't gotten around to reading them, but I should have plenty of time to read all of them before I see the movie as I really hate going to the theaters and tend to wait for the DVD so I can watch them in the comfort of my own home.

My boyfriend was in Denver visiting his mother last night and decided to go see it there. He hasn't called yet to let me know if he liked it or not!

Anne, since you've seen the movie and read the books, do you recommend that I go ahead and read the books before I see the movie, or watch the movie then read the books? (It's the age old question!)
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but I guess it's kind of like Harry Potter. There was so much stuff to squeeze in, that some of it got changed up and some bits got left out entirely. It was still a good movie.

When you look at how long LOTR books are, there's just no way to put it on film without dropping or changing things.

Still kind of a bummer.
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Beautiful special effects and cinemotography, but seemed rather redundant and repeated itself several times in the span of the movie. Although it has been many many years since I read the series, I do remember the book left me with a lasting impression for awhile, where the movie did not. I would of rather saved my money and rented it on video later.
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Well, I never read the books, either. I didn't even care to see it, but hubby wanted to In my opinion, the movie was way too long & moved slow in some parts. I thought that they could've cut some parts down & even cut some scenes out. I'm with Hissy, though, about waiting for it to come out on DVD. I would've rather waited. Also, I thought some of the scenery was beautiful.
Oh, and my @$$ fell asleep towards the end, too
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Jin & Spawn, I would say, read the book first. Like hissy said, the book is very impressive and moving. It has this dark majestic feeling about it. The movie adds nice visual images, but is not as moving.

Funny, we thought the movie was too short and we would have been happy to see more of some places. However, the scenes that are not in the book, namely the whole Arwen and Aragorn love scenes and the fights between Saruman and Gandalf, we could definitely do without.
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Ive never read the books....but Hubby has read them all when he was a teenager. We went and saw the movie, and we both loved it.
I want to read the books now, too!
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I loved the movie! I had never read the books either, and I thought the film was veeeery long - (but, they gave 20 min intermission at our cinema - more time to go top up on popcorn!! ha ha)but I liked it....I will definately be going to see the next two.... I loved the sceney and settings - wonderful! (though I have to say, I did notice a couple of bits where it repeated itself too..)
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