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My cat is sneezing!

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I'm not sure why he's sneezing (every once in awhile -- today he sneezed about 7 times) and he only hacked/gagged once while he hid under my bed. He's been sneezing since he came to my house (three days ago -- sneezing started day before yesterday) and he was sort of trying to hack up something (but nothing came out).

Do you think he has some sort of allergy or cold? Also, there is no strange discharge and his nose is moist.

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Hmmm, I don't know. It could be allergies, or a cold, or a virus... only a vet can tell that one.
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It's probably an upper respiratory infection ("cat cold"), which is pretty common when cats get a new home. It should clear up on its own. But, as always, if it doesn't get better, OR if it gets worse, especially if you notice any colored discharge, or if the cat shows behavior changes, lethargy, loss of appetite, then please see a vet.
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he is now gagging/trying to throw up something but nothing is coming out. it's 4:40 am right now and he pawed me awake when he started coughing. it sounded like an old man with the whooping cough. i'm kind of freaked out, but after my classes tomorrow i'm taking him to the bide-a-wee vet clinic.

i don't know whats going on, and being a first time cat owner, this is scaring me.

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Is there anyway you can skip class tomorrow and get him in to the vet? He sounds like he is getting worse and should be seen sooner rather than later!

Take a deep breath and please keep us updated!
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When Tommy got his "new cat" cold he did something that resembled "gagging". The vet was stumped. Said he was perfectly healthy. Eventually it cleared up and he's never done it since. When he had his cold he was sneezing an awful lot, so I can only guess that his "gagging" was just swallowing some post-nasal drip.
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Okay, I took him to the vet and the vet said that he has an upper resp. infection (he sneezed on me when I drove him to the vet -- ewww). He has to take 200 mg of Zithromax (chicken flavored) for the next fourteen days with a little mouth syringe.

He is currently hiding under my bed due to the fact that I had to grab him by the nape of his neck to put the meds in his mouth (no other way). He is angry at me.

At least he's okay!
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Glad to hear all is fine.
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Originally Posted by piyu
he sneezed on me when I drove him to the vet -- ewww
Don't worry, you can't catch it. Glad to hear you got a diagnosis and treatment!!
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He seems sad. He's been under my bed for awhile now. I coaxed him out with a piece of boiled chicken breast, then he ran back under the bed. He's been sneezing and now I see some clear fluid discharge from his nose. Is this supposed to happen when the cat is being treated with Azithromycin (Zithromax) 200 mg/5ml?

I have to call the vet tomorrow with a follow-up, but this is troubling me.

I am such a newbie cat owner.

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As you probably know from the times you've been sick yourself, these things often get worse before they start getting better, even after treatment has begun. I don't think you need to lose sleep over it, but do mention it to the vet as long as you're going to call anyway.
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Thank you. Since I am a first time cat owner, everything is worrying me. Wait until I have an actual baby, i'll be one of those overbearing ones.

I hope it doesn't get worse, i'll keep you guys updated.

If anyone has any experience with zithromax for cats, tell me!
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URI's are pretty common, and you will see discharge. I don't think it's anything to worry about, like Coaster said.
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He has currently been like this for the past two hours.

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You know when you're sick, and all you wanna do is lay in bed curled up all day? That's just how he feels. That, and I'm sure the vet visit added stress, so, it's nothing to worry about.
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