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Ferals Have Friend Visit for Dinner...

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Even though Oppy Jr. is larger now (pics are a few months old) my ferals aren't threatened one bit by this baby opossum. To my surprise, I took this picture while they all ate their dinner side-by-side. I have seen them do this quite a lot...interesting. Personally, I think oppy jr. is very cute.

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He he...cute...but don't try petting the little guy!! Ouch!!
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maybe they think he is another cat.
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Yeah: "Ummm, mom we didn't want to say anything in front of him.... but is a really odd looking cat!"
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Wow... my cats don't like any other kind of animals. They really hate armadillos but I haven't seen them around opposums yet.
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awww he IS cute
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Wow, very interesting and fascinating!
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i want to keep one!
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Fred loves everything, and he had an opossum fior a friend when we lived in the country. They would hang out on a tree branch together. It was the oddest looking thing.
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My kitties are very tolerant of visitors, we only get the occasional possum, but lots of racoons come by to finish up any dry food left out on the patio.
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One of my sister's cats often shared his with the local skunks.
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wow, thats awesome. Great pic
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We do have a visiting racoon whom I am not too found of. I find it very interesting that this colony of 7 have a completely different reaction from our visiting opossum to our visiting racoon. They fear & dislike the racoon.

As much as the 3 males from the colony scream at one and other and occasionally getting night, I watched as the 3 males formed an alliance against the racoon. They definitely did not want him eating their food or to be close to their shelter. It's like Animal Planet in my backyard
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I've seen my ferals checking out the resident groundhog...i think they actually booted him out of his home and they are now using it!
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Awwww, he's so cute! How cool that the cats don't mind him, I'm really surprised!
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