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Eve or Day??

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Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Day??

We do Christmas Eve. We will take the kids out around 5pm ( for a ride or something ) and then one of us will run back in for a quick sec to put out all the gifts. Then when we come home, SANTA CAME!!!
It makes Christmas morning more relaxing for us. The kids can play with all their new toys, and there is no major mess to clean up before the company arrives!!!

What does everyone else do??
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Hubby and me open on Christmas Morning! Before I was married, my family (my mom, dad, and brother) would go to my dad's side of the family & we had to open our presents from my grandparents & cousins on Christmas Eve. I have always prefered to open on Christmas, though!
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I have to be at work at 6 a.m. every other Christmas. When that happens, we open gifts on Christmas Eve, and then I cook Christmas dinner when I get home on Christmas day.
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We go to church on Christmas Eve, and when we come home, the kids open the gifts Santa left in their stockings and we also have them open their presents from Granny Sue (my husband's mom). She always sends them new pajamas, so they wear them to bed and have their Christmas pictures in them while they open gifts in the morning. On the years we go to Austin, we change up the order a bit and open all our presents on Christmas eve. This year, my parents are coming from Austin to here, so we'll do it the way we prefer. I'm so excited!!!
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I can remember when I was a kid, we were allowed to open "one" present on Christmas eve. Now we open Christmas morning...I prefer it that way...sometimes I wish that we never open though...just put up the tree all year long and keep adding presents, it looks so pretty!

Great poll question Daneila!

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At Grandma's house, we open the gifts from the family on the Sat. before Christmas. We keep our gifts back for our daughter on Christmas Day.

At home, hubby and I open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve (when we have them) because he can't keep a secret and we tend to get overwhelmed by the kid stuff.

We also let her open her stocking before we get up. It isn't much, but we gain maybe 15 minutes more sleep and some years that's been important!
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We open presents on Christmas morning. The older I get the longer I wait, though. Last year I couldn't bring myself to open presents until 10:30am. It just seems so anticlimactic any more. So instead of getting up and diving in, we make breakfast, eat, sit in front of the tree in the living room and reflect upon why we are celebrating and exchanging gifts in the first place. I think it gives my daughter a better perspective on things.
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Well, in my country Christmas is Christmas Eve, which means this is the day we have Christmas dinner, open presents, those who go to church, do etc. We have always had the same "schedule" (first at my grandparents' house, now my parents'), rice porridge in the morning, putting up the tree and decorating during the day, perhaps go to "Christmas sauna", Christmas dinner around 6pm, and after that we open our presents.
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Just so I know, is Christmas Eve on the 23rd or the 24th?

Eeva, that Sauna sounds nice! How is the weather over in Finland?
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Anne, Christmas Eve is Dec 24th and Christmas Day is the 25th.
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Anne, the weather's been alright, a bit too cold for my taste- between -27C and -14C. I don't know what that is in fahrenheit. My dogs haven't been able to go on proper walks, only a few minutes outside and they start jumping on three legs, because their feet are freezing. And they even have their winter "suits" on! Got some snow, too (have about two feet or so at the moment), so everything's white. Real Christmas weather!
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