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I woke up to a mess this morning.

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My parents visited yesterday and brought all the kids gifts to put under the tree. They are spending Christmas Day here, but they didn't want to lug stuff then.
Anyway, my mom bought a box of cat food and wrapped it to put under the tree for Sunshine. I didn't think anything of it and placed it with the other gifts.
I just got up a few minutes ago and my first floor looks like a war zone. My two little buggers managed to dig the box out and rip it apart!!!!!!!!!!! There is wrapping paper shreds everywhere, and bits of the box. Fortunately they never actually got into the box all the way, but its full of teeth marks!

What a scene at 7am!!
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They just decided to have their present a lttle earlier than most! Their noses are workng great! Picture the team work that one took!
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I know it's terrible to find a mess right away in the morning, but...
Poor babies!! They were hungry! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! We can't have any ribbons on gifts under OUR tree because Snowball will keep trying to chew on them!
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Ribbons are okay, but the cats are pretty convinced the tree is for them to climb! I haven't put up ornaments because every time I leave the room, they knock the tree over! (It's only 3 feet tall after all)
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:laughing2:laughing2 Oh Daniela,
haha, you kill me you big cat love bug you! haha! hehehe :laughing2 I bet you took pics and loved it! :laughing2
By the way, I bet their stockings are filled to the rim to boot!
I bet that was precious though....Cash, Cary and Murphy have found that the plastic skirt around the tree was to slide on; until of course I taped it down and then threw the velvet skirt over that...now that's used to run and slide under that! Thank God I put the colored non-breakbable balls on the bottom! It's amazing, but none of them has tried to climb it...and eight foot tree! Amazing!

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Our tree looks ridiculous. The bottom 1/4 of our tree doesn't have any ornaments on it. When we woke up the 1st morning after putting it up and found all the ornaments under the tree we did a little re-arranging.
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Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I bet you'll never forget not to put cat food or other edible gifts under the tree again! Glad our relatives don't give gifts to our pets.

This year we didn't put bows on any of the presents because of Gus. He loves taking the ornaments off the tree (they are like styrofoam with paper decoupage) so my sister gave him one which had the robbon torn off. We put the glass balls up higher, but he uses the presents for steps. It's such a contrast from my Satey, who didn't even look twice at the tree! In fact I don't remember Satey messing with the tree even when he was a kitten. On our first Xmas with him, he was about 6 mos.
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