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I need some advice

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ok... it's me again,Natascha, and um Gracie (my cat that just had kittens yesterday) doesn't pick up that babies right. she bites their backs and i think it hurts them. i try to show her where to pick them up but she doessn't listen! so what to do?
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Opal done that and I was so scared she was hurting Bono,but she wasnt,they do look like they are biting them and the kittens do cry when being picked up to,so im guessing its normal
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are you sure because since she is a new mommy for the first time, she looks like she doesn't know what to do. Should i just let her do it?
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I don't think she is hurting them. She is doing what her natural instincts tell her to do. Kittens cry about everything, so I am sure they will cry if momma is trying to herd them up.
It really isn't good to pick up animals by the scruff of their neck. Momma will only do it for a short time until they become more mobile and can get around on their own.
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ok i just don't want her to hurt them because my friends cat had kittens and the cat picked up th ecat by the head and decapatated it!!! so i am kinda freaking out!
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