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Cat refuses to eat, her gums are black... What is this???

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My almost 11-year old cat does not look any good. Over the last three-four weeks she lost lots of weight (at first we thought her reduced appetite was due to the heat and didn't worry too much since she had been overweight).

Last few days she barely ate at all. I started to feed her from a syringe with water diluted canned food. She seems to enjoy it but vomits out almost everything I feed her. As I was feedig her, I noticed that her mouth is all black and there is a lump in the gum at one of her big teeth.

She also has eye and nose discharge. No diarrhea.

We are taking her to the vet tomorrow morning. What can this be? If it was a virus, how soon would another cat in the family show any symptoms?

Thank you.
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Well Youre doing a good thing by going to the vet tomorrow! Usually Black gums are some kind of gum disease i think? Hopefully someone else will jump in on this one too. I don't think it will effect the other cat though. keep us updated!!
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I haven't any idea...I am so glad you have an apt. for tomorrow..keep trying to at least get some liquids in her. I hope she'll be okay! Please post an update after her apt. tomorrow.
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Could this be advanced periodontal disease?

Description and pictures here:
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sounds like a gum disease, her gums are probably really sore and that is why she isn't eating. I assume the black gums is a new thing and she isn't a black cat. If that is the case then it sounds like it is pretty bad if she stopped eating to the point where she is losing weight. Have you ever had her teeth cleaned before? that could be the problem. I don't know how often that has to be done in cats but it seems like people don't do it enough. we get so many cats into the shelter that have horrible teeth.
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Maha, you are good in getting her to the vet asap. Please post an update if you can. The lump in her gums in tandem w/the black doesn't sound very good, does it. Many times dental ifnections may result in some toxicity in the bloodstream that will be cured by a good, strong antibiotic. Hugs and prayers
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Ok, here is an update.

Turned out our cat is diabetic. He present liver problem is secondary to that. Her blood sugar, ketones and liver enzymes are off the chart. Yet, as per the vet, there is a chance to reverse this if we commit to giving her insulun injections for the rest of her life. Since this is the primary problem, it might help to stabilize her and then hopefully her liver will get through the amount of fat it had to process.

I've never did an injection in my entire life, but it didn't take me a minute to think. If there is a chance for our cat, I will use it. We can do it every 12 hours. In a week or two we will see how she is doing. Our cat deserves a chance, no matter how slight it is.

In the meantime I started to feed her water diluted Gerber baby food (following an advice I read here), and she is taking it well. No throw ups for two days already.
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For someone who has never given injections to a cat before you are a great caretaker to be doing this for your kitty.
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I'm glad you know what you are dealing with, and I wish her all the best (and I am giving you a big thumbs up for tackling injections for the first time).
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Good luck!
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Ahhhhhh....yes, that makes sense, given the symptoms. Thanks much for the update. Hoping the best for you and your kitty.
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diabetes is getting so common in cats!

Giving the injections is no big deal.
I lived with a diabetic cat (smooches to ya Tenney): We injected in his paw (muscle) and he never even seemed to notice. Very tiny needles.

Good luck to you and your baby.
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I was a caregiver to three diabetic geezer kitties over a period of six years ... I commend your decision to treat this cat. As my vet will tell you, the leading cause of death in diabetic cats is euthanasia because people don't want to go that extra mile for them.

If I can provide any assistance to you at all, don't hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck,

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Best of luck! I have given injections to one of my birds before - not fun, but we do what is necessary!

I also give one bird medicine orally twice a day (have for over 6 years) and one kitty gets a pill once a day - both will be on it for the rest of their lives. When we love them that much, we will do whatever is in our power.
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Thank you all for thinking about us.

I started her insulin yesterday. It is easy! And my cat has always been a very cooperative one even at the times she had more energy.

I don't know... Maybe I am seeing what I want to see, but she seems to have more life in her eyes now.

I am also in doubt if I am giving her enough food. The vet told me to feed her am and pm and the amount would depend on how she does. Well, this morning I gave her 5 teaspoons (about 20 ml) of Gerber baby meats, diluted just enough to go into a syringe. It is more than I gave her before starting the insulin. I know I have ot take it easy and increase the food servings gradually, but who knows if she is getting enough. Is there a way to tell?
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I also commend you for your attitude! I have heard people who won't even try to give the shots! And you are right, the needle is very tiny.

I'm not surprised that she is feeling better already, poor girl. Kudos to you for taking her in and now treating the illness! May she feel better and better with each day that goes by!
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Honestly, I can advise re suitable for diabetic kitties, treats, and look up appropriate foods, but re amount - I'd have to defer you back to your vet...ask him to be specific, since you are currently assist-feeding, re number of cc's per feeding. Btw, here is a great site for information on care of a diabetic kitty click here
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