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he wont stop throwing up

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my teufel keeps on throwing up clear whitish stuff, all over the appartment, i dont know whats wrong with him
yesterday he was fine, he just started this morning
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Change of food? New bag of food? Got into something that he shouldn't have? Ate some grass? Is he looking lethargic or is he running a temperature?

Mine do that from time to time. I watch them like a hawk and if it lasts beyond a day, they are lethargic or if they feel warm, I get them to a vet. 99% of the time it clears up by itself. More often than not when that starts in my household, they ate something they shouldn't have (even if a sheet of paper). There were 2 times when all of them started at once right after I bought a new bag of food (assumed it was bad and threw it away immediately).

Let us know how he is doing!
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Excellent answer above, nothing to add...just keep us posted, and I hope Teufel feels better by the end of the day!
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Suggest bringing him to a vet tomorrow if he's still vomitting. And try to get him to drink some water so he doesn't get dehydrated.
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Please post an update?
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how is he doing now??? Poor teufal!! finnegan did this before but he only did it once and woke me up doing it... i felt so bad!!!
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i gave him the new kind of whiskas yesterday thats got veggies in it, last time i saw him vomit was about 6 pm.
I have been out since then but hes actually come to greet us at the door so he seems to be ok.
He is off to the vet tomorrow anyway to get him self snipped finally.
My bf opened a pack of ham last night and he said it tasted awfully off maybe teufel got a bite of it..
Also while ive been away my MIL has been giving him different kinds of food so maybe he just reacted badly to the whiskas i gave him now?
after his last vomit i gave him a small amount of whiskas and he has eaten it all and seems to be ok.

My MIL suggested giving him some grass this afternoon so i went down to get some. and then he was drinking some water. Ive put him back to bottle water because he doesnt like tap water much.

before he gets his snip tomorrow i will let them know that he threw up several times today, Ben just told me to search on the floor for more vomit but none seems to be found.
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I'll bet it was the ham.
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Thanks for posting the update...I hope the rest of his eve is nice and calm.
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oh Fwannie! I know how much your little guy is the center of your world. Ham is AWFUL for cats. The sodium content is way too high as is any amount of preservatives used in the processing. Please update and hugs to you both!
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