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Eating problems.

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My cat has had his leg amputated a few days ago but he looks really depressed and unwell. He has been sick a few times and has no energy because he refusues to eat. He drinks normal cow's milk. He is always sleeping!

Can anyone tell me what the problem may be?
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Spice up the aroma of his food with a little tuna mixed in. Whet his appetite by dabbing a little food on his lips.

Note: most cats are lactose-intolerant to one degree or another, so it's not a good idea to give them straight cow's milk, as it could cause upset or diahrrea.

I wouldn't worry too much about the sleeping. He's recuperating from major surgery.
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I am certainly not a vet. nor an expert but in my opinion, any creature days after amputation would probably not be himslef/herself. I can certainly understand the depression and lack of energy...I'm sure your guy has been through quite a lot.

I would check with your vet. just to make sure this is normal behavior after an amputation. In the meantime, I would sit with the little guy and give him some extra TLC.

Cow's milk is none to give diarrhea in felines. Maybe a little treat in his sleeping spot would be a comfort to him since it sounds like he is refusing to get up and walk to his food/water.

Hope he is feeling better...it must have been quite the ordeal for both of you.
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I would deep-six the cows milk..if you really want to give him milk, buy the lactose-free milk sold at the super market (cats are lactose-intolerant).

I would expect some quietness, but the not eating is something to remedy immediately, as just not eating leads to other health issues. Please try handfeeding your cat - it's favorite canned cat food, baby food meat on a spoon (gerber second stage turkey or lamb or chicken - these have no onion in them), make him a bowl of boiled plain chicken broth (no onions or garlic or other seasoning, just the simple broth).

Has your cat peed or pooped since surgery??
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My cat has been for a pee and a poop and we have tried feeding him on chicken, tuna, ham and his favourite foods but he still won't accept anything.

Do you think that he may have a blocked nose which may stop him sensing his favourite foods?

We have tried force-feeding him and he just spits it all back out. His eyes make him look unconscious but he still moves his head and tail. Please help!!
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Ricky, I sent a note off to a member who may be able to help. Other than that, honestly, I'd get my cat to a vet if there isn't any eating going on. One thought...your cat is drinking milk right? How about a batch of kitten glop to get through today? recipe for kitten glop is on this page I'm hoping your cat would drink this, or that you could **carefully* syringe this - into the side of the mouth, just a few drops at a time so your cat will swallow, but not choke.
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Any animal post surgery is at risk for a number of complications. I would call your vet ASAP and get you cat an appointment. By the day after surgery, they should be almost back to normal- if not a recheck is warranted.
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Check the phone book for any Emergency Vet services in the area since this is Sunday, most vets are closed. I'm guessing an upset stomach from the milk, but it might be something related to the surgery. Surgery takes a long time to recover from. Also, is kitty on any medication? Maybe that has your kitty out of sorts, too.

I agree with everyone else, get a vet ASAP. If kitty is on meds, take that along so they know better what they're dealing with.
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He's been taken to the vets for an emergency appointment and they discovered that he was severely dehydrated and his tempereature is low. They are putting him on a drip overnight to hydrate him with some nutritious liquid and they will see how he is in the morning.

They are also trying to find the causes of his dehydration and temperature drop.

It is really weird because yesterday, he was really healthy and it must have happened over night.

What are the chances of survival because I know that dehydration can be very serious!
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I am saying a prayer that your kitty will be fine...so very glad you got to the emergency vet.
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I am glad you took him in. It is possible he caught something while at the vet when his defenses were down. I know with Tazzy she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after her leg was amputated so your post really set off my alarm bells. I hope they find out what is going on and get it corrected.
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Thanks for the kind replies!
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Sending lots of get well vibes to your kitty!
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