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help me clean my carpet please

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Teufel has thrown up more than 6 times today some on the tiles which is fine, but on the carpet i dont know how to clean it??
it was only clear whiteish but we dont have a carpet cleaner nor do we know where to hire one from.
Bf doesnt want me to scrub it, ive put kitchen paper to soak it, it doesnt smell thank god!
i went down and picked some grass from the garden , first time ive set foot there and its soo pretty down there! anyway he ate some grass and hasnt thrown up since and he has finally been drinking water.
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Try white vinegar, if you don't have access to carpet cleaner. Pour on enough to get the stain wet, let sit for about 15 minutes and blot with a damp sponge. Repeat, if necessary.

I've had good luck with Oxi-Kick, for spot cleaning but, I doubt that its available in Europe.
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I always used a disinfectant and then, once that was dry, I found the very best was to sprinkle baking soda over it and leave it overnight. Hoover it up in the morning and it should be good as new. My brother uses baking soda on a regular basis on his carpet, denture claensing tablets in the toilet to remove scum and limescale... you name it. He's got a list of tricks up his sleeve a mile long I've learned a lot form him! God bless daytime tv!
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Whatever you use, try it on a tiny area first to make sure it doesn't take the color out of the carpet. I love Oxy-Clean, but I don't know if you can get it there! Probably any spray foam carpet cleaner from the store would work.

Hope Teufel keeps feeling better!
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Feel better, Teufel! Sure hope one of these ideas works for you, Fwan. I'm beginning to lose all hope for my carpet.
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I've already lost any idea that I may have a clean carpet when we move out!!!! She does it in the same spot on the carpet everytime..... We use some stuff called Mean Green to clean it with, but I know we are going to have to major steam clean when we move!!!!!!
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