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15-Wk. Old Thumb-Sucker

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Bob, my 15-wk. old kitten, who was bottled raised from birth has developed a new habit of nibbling and sucking the fleshy-part of my palm.

Every morning while I'm sleeping, he seems to find my open-hand and nibbles and sucks on my palm. Cute but very annoying. When he does this, I do try to reinsure him by cuddling him and stroking him but little Bob actually grabs my hand with his paws and pulls my hand-in to look for that non-existant nipple and nibbles & suckles.

Since he never really knew his mother is this just an insecurity on his part? Can he possibly still be looking for his bottle? I bottled fed Bob and sister up until they were approximately 8-weeks...both were premature and both took a bit longer than most kittens to do everything. When they went in for their 8-week check-up, my vet. told me to stop bottle feeding them. He gave me an example of a child who still breast fed at an older age simply because the mother still offered that method. He felt enough was enough with the bottle.

If I gave Bob a pasifier, he would probably curl-up with it in his mouth.
I don't want a thumb-sucker. How do I stop the habit without having to wear gloves to sleep?
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It's a bit sticky but it works- take your hand lotion and add the essence of lemon oil to it. Shake it up well and apply it to your hands prior to going to bed. The citrus smell will deter the kitty from sucking on you (a habit that you should really break) Another alternative is to make a rice heater out of an old sock and uncooked minute rice, after you nuke it for 30 seconds in the microwave, take it and rub it up and down your arms or you legs, putting your scent on it, then give it to Bob. He will suckle that instead
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Wow...never thought about lemon. What a good idea...will give it a shot. I don't think I will give the rice & sock idea a try, simply becasue I want him out of the habit of suckling. Thanks Hissy for a great idea.
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This will stop him from sucking on YOU. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it, but you should know that some cats who didn't have the opportunity to nurse at their mother's breasts until normal weaning age do continue this sucking behavior into adulthood.

But the lemon is definitely a great cat deterrent. I've used citrus-scented Febreze fabric softener spray on furniture and carpets where one of my boy cats likes to mark with his claws. He's almost completely cured of it. I also use citrus-scented oil soaked into cotton balls placed near the back of my stereo equipment and computer equipment to deter my little cable-chewing girl cat. Places where the cables are too disorganized to bundle or tape. Works great!!
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I will try it tonight. Before I go to sleep for the night, I will "lemon-up" myself

When I was laying in bed watching tv a few hours ago, Bob did the same thumb-sucking behavior. He finds my palm like he was a bottle-nose dolphin and suckles away at my hand and fingers. I feel so bad when he does this. He hasn't done this before...I wonder what is making him feel insecure.
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