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standoff-ish after vet visit

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Hi, everyone. We're confused and worried about our 16 week old kitten. We took him to the vet yesterday for his second shot of distemper, rabies shot, deworming and fecal test. He did really well at the clinic while clinging to us during the examination. The doctor said that he's healthy. HOwever, since we got home from the visit yesteraday afternoon, my kitten has not interacted at all with the 20 week old kitten. He seems lethargic as he would stay in one spot and sleep. When we touch him, he moves away or turn his back on us. Granted he's a persian, we can still sense an angry look on his face. Overall, he just doesn't want to have to do anything with us and his feline friend. Every morning, he's typically playing with the other kitten and jumping on the bed to be petted. When we were petting him this morning, he did not purred at all and he just wanted to get away from us.

We're assuming he might still be angry at us for the vet visit. It was also quite hot yesterday when we had him in the car in a carrier (he was panting at some point). May be the whole experience just traumatized him? Anyway, I also wonder whether he's sick and whether it's possible that it's a reaction to the rabies shot, distemper, deworming, or fecal test. Other than his bad mood, he still eats and uses the litter pan.

ON the other hand, the 20 week old kitten is doing fine. No changes in his behavior at all and he received the same shots/procedures (except deworming and fecal test).

I plan to contact the vet from yesterday to see if we need to get him checked out again. Is it possible for a cat to have an allergic reaction or some negative reaction from the shots??? Could this all be just a bad mood ? He seems depressed and angry at us. Have you had cats that are moody like this after a vet visit (for hours or a day)? What did you do to win back his trust and affection?

I'd really appreciate your advice on this!
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It's probably a few things. First, most cats don't feel well for a day or two after they get shots. So that would explain his sleeping and not wanting to play. Also, he could be a bit peeved that you took him, although usually they are so happy to be home that they forget to be mad.

Finally, if there is no interaction between him and the other kitten after a day or two, he may smell "funny" to the other cat because he picked up scents at the vet. Try putting a tiny dab of vanilla on both cats under their chins and at the base of their tails (on their backs where the tail meets the back)That way they both smell the same again!

I'm sure he's fine!!
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Do you remember feeling crappy after getting a flu shot or something? Cats are no different. After those vaccinations, they're going to feel out of sorts for a couple-three days. Give it some time, and if your cat isn't back up to speed, then call the vet. Note: in rare cases there are reactions after shots, so if you notice anything particularly unusual, or any unusually large lump at the injection site, then call right away.
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