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Hello, What a wonderful site!

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Hi Everyone,

Googled "meowing cat" and look what I found! We recently bought our first cat from a shelter and we love him to bits but discovered he has a few behavioural issues (namely meowing A LOT!) due to his age (he's 7) and his other life challenges (he's deaf) he was the oldest resident at the shelter and it seemed nobody else wanted him...lucky for us because he is just the most beautiful natured cat. Anyway....this site has provided much needed assistance on behaviour of cats and it seems we are not alone in our sleepless nights , so hopefully with a bit of intervention from us (& the info acquired from this wonderful site ) and a little medication from our vet (in the interim only and yes we really did try everything else first) we will be a happy household soon! thankyou looking forward to sharing info with other members cheers
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Welcome to you and your new kitty!
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Welcome to the site and thanks for adopting this cat.

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hi, welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS, shaakah! My wife and I came close to adopting a deaf cat recently, but got turned down because we're already exceeding the feline speed limit of our apartment complex. She looked like our third cat pictured below. We noticed that this cat was also very talkative, no doubt it's a side effect of deafness and being unable to get their own audio feedback.
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Welcome to you and the boy! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio who send belly rubs
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS Hope you enjoy it here, and I'm sure you will become addicted There's lots of wonderful help, people and stories If you need anything just give out a meow
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Welcome to the group, and to the family of those of us who are owned by Deaf cats. I have one, Frosty, who has one yellow eye, one blue -- and of course is pure white. He too "talks" loudly, esp. if he can't see a human around Enjoy!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi everyone thankyou for your warm welcome, Hutch has yellow/green eyes I am not sure if he lost his hearing or he was always deaf - he is currently curled up in his basket with his hot pack (its winter here in the land of oz) watching the simpsons with my hubby - they are a happy pair !

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Welcome Shaakah

Your kitty sounds like our Dubya!! He is 4 years old and loves to talk. Our little Jewel comes to me and cries and leads me to her toy which is a pole with a feather and bell at the end. She wants me to play with her. Isn't that something? My husband and I almost adopted a deaf kitty from Serenity Hospital the other day. She was so sweet and looked just like our Jewel. The only thing keeping us from it was the fact that we live in an apartment and would have had to get a written letter from management stating that we can have 5 cats. Oh well. The manager knows we have four but maybe we'd be pushing it a little with five. We are going to donate a bunch of cat beds and cat toys to them because they are so good to their animals there. We are praying that little Opal gets adopted by someone. She is deaf but she is beautiful. I am sure someone will adopt her.

Again, welcome and we hope to hear more from you soon!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome and thanks for adopting a "special needs" cat! Can't wait to see pics!
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