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*sigh*.. sad story

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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=DarkRed] [b] Hello, I recently heard about this site.. and I wanted to share a story that happened to me.
I just lost one of my cats..her name was Tiffany.. AKA Tiffy.. she was bought in a pet store by my Late Aunt Betty.. she had her for years.. raised her up to a full grown adult. At first Tiffy was a typical hyper cat..til she got older. She lived my aunt for years and years..and she grew customed to that. When she got older she wasn't at all a affectionate cat cause my aunt lived alone and she didn't anyone but herself. This recently my aunt could not take care of tiffy and resently kitten we found in the alley named "tinka"..cause my aunt got sick and was in the hospital a lot and then in assistant living. So, my grandma at that time took them in her house. Years passed.. and my grandma passed away...so, tiffy and tinka were in my grandma's house for years all alone.. except for me or my sis to come and visit them every week. And since, the living conditions have changed since living with my aunt.. tiffy got more affectionate. So, every week I came by to give them water and food..and changing there litter box.. they both would come running to me wanting affection..and of course I gave it to them. But I couldn't stay long.. and I hate to leave them all alone. But I had no choice. So, that went on for about 1 more year. Then, my sis moved back from Virginia..and had no place to live. So, since my grandma's house wasn't being lived in except for the 2 cats, she decided to move there. So, my sis and her hubby moved in there. Of course tiffy and tinka were excited to have company finally to live there. They were the happiest of cats. Then, a couple years later.. me and my dad ended up having to move from our apartment cause of the rent being too high.

So, my sis decided that me and my dad move in the house. And we did. We moved in and I have lived there for years until recently. I met my boyfriend chris and we hit it off..and eventually.. I moved out of state from Wisconsin to California... And before I left I said goodbye to Tiffy and tinka.. and at the time.. we also had a cat named "stardust" He was a cat that my sis had gotten when she was living in Virginia.. and he was the cutest ever. So, when the day came for me to move.. I said bye to all 3 cats.. and I cried ...and I know I was going to miss them terribly..I just hoped they be alright.

Anyways, I have been living in california for about 4 to 5 months already.. and since then.. some stuff has happened.. My grandma's house was going to be sold..because my sis moved out to a new apartment.. I moved out when I came here.. and my dad is planning on moving in August.. So, My mom the (holder of the house) decided to sell the house. When I found out about this.. I was worried immediately.. about the cats.. I was worried.. whats going to happen to them.. I don't want them to be taken away from me.. when I had some many already.taken away from me. So, my sis tried to to figured out what to do. Then, just recently.. Tiffy.. the oldest cat who was 25 yrs old.. disappeared..all of the sudden.. when my sis told me I was very worried.. She said that she was nowhere to be found in the house. And I was afraid that she gotten outside and either hit by a car or something. But then I figured out something...she was a very old cat...and I know for sure when cats know they are about to die.. When a cat knows she/he is about to die.. they hide or disappear..to find a close..dark place to die.. So, I figured it out..Tiffy my long last friend who lived 25 yrs(in cat years).. has died.

I was heartbroken to find this out. I really wish I spent more time with her before I moved.. I miss her so much..and wish I had her in my arms at the moment..the sad thiing is that.. my family back home still did not find her body..anywhere either in the house or outside...and I think he found a good place to die.. for no one to find out where she went to and not bear the pain of losing a close friend. I think that was a wise choice of hers.. Dear Tiffy.. now you have crossing the Rainbow Bridge to kitty heaven..and I hope you have a great time up there.. I miss you terribly though..but wish you the best.. Take care..I love you.. I will always remember the fun times we shared together.

Anyways, as for Tinka and Stardust.. they are fine.. Tinka is going to live with the new owners of my Grandma's house. And Stardust he lives with my sis and her hubby in there new place. Thanks everyone for letting me share this story. Peace out.. R.I.P.. Tiffany..

Love, Ally.
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What a touching story, Ally! Yes, I am sure that your love for Tiffy lighted the way across the Bridge for her and she is happy in arms of your aunt & Grandma again. 25 years was indeed a long life for Tiffy! As for Tinka & Stardust, I am so happy for them that they have good homes, too. It sounds like you have a very supportive family, who even includes the cats!! By the way, Welcome to California!! Susan
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Oh, what a sad way to lose such a special kitty. She had a long loving life in the arms of your family. How nice that Tinka gets to stay in the house with the new family!
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Thanks a lot Beckiboo..Nice to meet ya.. Ya tiffy was a great cat.. Thank you for posting a reply.. I really appreciate.. I feel so welcome
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[b] Thanks a lot catsknowbe.. I appreciate you comment.. Yea I do have a great family.. and I thanks for welcoming me!
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what a beautiful tribute to Tiffany

She most certainly is now at the rainbow bridge with all the other bridge kitties, she is in perfect health now and feels young again - she is chasing the butterflies and running through the fields - she has her angel wings and is now watching over you from above.... she will wait there until the day when you meet again and you can cross the bridge together

RIP angel Tiffany
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RIP Tiffy
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[b]Aww, thanks a lot Huggles!! I really appreciate.. that was so sweet of you to say that.. I do believe she is up on the rainbow bridge having the time of her life up there.. thanks so much..!! I really appreciate it!
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Thank you wellington cats!! .. and sam.
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