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A lifetime of suffering for Sonny

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I mentioned this sweet boy in the context of another thread, and I'm sorry to have to speak about him here...

A few weeks ago, a co-worker of mine saw a cat thrown from a car. She saw the cat was emaciated and ill, took it to the vet, and then home. This poor guy was estimated to be 13 yrs old, and weighed only 4lbs. Because her other cat wasn't exactly thrilled with this new addition (she named him Sonny), and Sonny couldn't defend himself well, another co-worker took him in. The hope was that lots of good care and food would beef him up.

Poor Sonny ate constantly, and begged for more. Unfortunately he was always having frequent liquid diarrhea, so back to the vet's office for him. He was incredibly anemic, and an x-ray revealed that he had previously been so starved that he had resorted to eating litter, and his intestines were lined with it. He couldn't absorb food. His skin was so friable that too much handling would cause it to tear. Sonny was, quite literally, falling apart. He was given IV's, meds, etc, and was sent home a few days ago with lots of medication and not much hope. Sadly, he quit eating, and would/could not take his medications. A few weeks of love and care could not undo the damage of a lifetime of cruelty at the hands of his original owner...his intestines were too scarred from the litter. Sonny was tired, and he let that be known. He was afforded the final kindness of ending his suffering, and he went gratefully and peacefully.

Please light a candle to guide this poor wee soul to the RB. He deserves all the thoughts and prayers that can be given after so much suffering. Even after everything he went through, he managed to remain a sweet and lovable little man. Please also include his meowmy in your prayers. She is devastated that she could not save him, spent thousands of dollars in the process, and has shed about that many tears for him.
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AWWWWWWW poor Sonny! Lucky he saw love at the end of his horrid life. :Angel:
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This poor one is now embraced in light and free from pain. He will welcome those who helped him, and those who harmed him will never meet him again-
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I can barely see the screen for the tears. How can anyone be so cruel to one of God's creatures? I'm so glad Sonny found love at last, albeit so close to the end. After I read the story - with tears streaming down my face - I had to pause a while and cuddle my boy furbaby and tell him I loved him. I still hurt badly after losing my precious Sheba 18 months ago, and I sometimes wonder if the pain and tears ever stop!

Vale, Sonny.

Maggie in Western Australia
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Well that made me cry.....Poor Sonny. I am sorry for your and his meowmy's loss. At least poor Sonny left us knowing that he was being loved and cared for at the end.

RIP Sonny.
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I am at work and my heart is breaking for this baby, I am doing everything I can to hold in but it is hard, the tears streaming down my cheeks. What a horrible life.. I keep thinking he was 13 years old, did he go through this for 13 years. How is that possible? HOW could this happen? Why? I just don't get it.. I am so sorry to hear about this and now yes, I know he is in a much better place but I pray that god no matter what happens to this world I pray he punishes each and every person that has every mistreated his precious gifts that he provided for us.

A candle will be lit when I go home for this baby.. I Love you Sonny
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Oh Kellie that is so sad, My Heart goes out to everyone that tried to make a differance, everyone is in my thoughts and prayers, Bless Sonny also
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I am so glad to hear that he was so well cared for in his final days. My heart goes out to his meowmy, who wanted more for him than he got. Rest In Peace Sonny.
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Oh,poor Sonny! I have lit the candles for him...such a tragic story, thank goodness he was shown love & compassion in the end. As for your friend, bless her for all the sacrifices she made on his behalf. There aren't enough people in this world that are so generous. I hope that she finds another needy cat or kitten very soon; there are so many, and such loving arms as hers don't deserve to be empty!
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Condolences on the loss of poor Sonny. And special blessings to his new Meowmie, how sad to fall for this special boy, and not to be able to spend many years with him. He is at peace now, over the bridge, and finally healthy and whole!
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Poor poor Sonny...

It's hard enough letting go of a soul who had the good life but to see one leave us without experiencing a longterm warm loving just breaks my heart.

My thoughts, prayers and much love go out to Sonny and his meowmy..

His life was valid and he didn't leave without making an impact.
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The poor baby, am in tears now. At least he had love, and warmth for the last few weeks of his life, and doesnt have to suffer any more. It is so sad the state that some cats get into, these stories should be shown to people who think cats can fend for themselves, they would soon realise it isnt always the case. Please tell your friend to console herself with the fact that she made the last few weeks in his life good for him, by giving him love and affection and that she made a big impact to him.

RIP little Sonny.
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Play in the sun at the bridge sweet boy. Hugs.
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wow, that story broke my heart. I have a hard time reading the posts in this section but these cats deserve to be remembered and that's why I read them.

Sonny is in a better place now, free of suffering, at least in the end he was surrounded by love and warmth, he probably knew that and decided he was finally safe and free to let himself go...

What a survivor.

all my love Sonny
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I am so sorry for your friend and Sonny. She did such a wonderful thing for him
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I am so glad that someone gave him the love he deserved through his last moments of life!! people that abuse animals like that make me so mad!! My thoughts will be with him and i will light a candle for him tonight.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this sweet boy. I hope your friend can find comfort in knowing that because of her this cat knew love.
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Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Sonny's meowmy was touched and thankful when I told her what a wonderful response this thread had received. I pass along her thanks as well.

For those of you who were concerned about her being cat-less, don't. She has the kindest heart, and has taken in many cats, so she and her husband are never alone.
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I have only just seen this and am shedding many tears for Sonny

RIP sweet little man - know that in your last moments here on earth you were loved more than anything and you will never have to suffer like that again.

enjoy those wings, you are now at peace
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