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I have one angry bunny!!

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I'm trying to bake sugar cookies, with the kits and bunny as my little unwanted helpers. Well, Babs bunny decides that pure sugar is her favorite thing in the universe and she simply must have some! She lunges for the sugar, and manages to get a bit of it. I pull it away. Then she goes to the butter and takes a nip of it before I catch her. Finally, she went right for the dough- which I pulled away from her while saying a firm, "NO!" She started growling at me and lunged!! It was so funny! I must have a bunny with an enormous sweet tooth or something. She was headbutting me and everything- trying to get to the sugary good stuff.

You might wonder how she got to it, it's kind of weird, but I was sitting on my floor rolling the cookies in sugar and pressing them with the bottom part of a glass layered with butter. My floor is just so much roomier. I think I'll just switch to the kitchen counter next time!

Ok, kind of a silly story, but I thought it was funny
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What a persistant little poodie Bunny is!! P and T are the same way.
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lol i got the cutest mental images.
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A bunny with a temper and a sweet tooth... that's unusual!!
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Thank you for explaining how buuny got into your baking! I was trying to imagine why you would have a bunny on your counter/table...
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Rabbits can be quite the trouble makers, huh?

I used to have a rabbit who had free range of the kitchen and was very good at opening the kitchen cupboards. One day I came back from work to find the cupboard open and white and yellow powder on the kitchen floor. That pest had opened the cupboard, draged the bags of sugar and cornmeal on the floor and opened them. Who knows how much sugar and corn meal she ate that day...
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
lol i got the cutest mental images.

Me too heheheheeh
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