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HELP Labor!

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My cat is making wheezing sounds and heaving like she does before she throws up, are these contractions? She had 5 or 6 a couple minutes apart and then they stopped, is this normal? How long will this go on?
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I'm not sure what it is!!! I hope someone more educated comes along soon to help you. Good luck, and please keep us updated!

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Did you read this article:


Since there isn't always someone on the message board who can answer your questions...if there is an emergency vet clinic that you can call and describe what is happening...they could advise you.

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She could well be panting which is a sign labour is near but if she is in respiratory distress that is another matter. Do you have a vet on speed dial? Do you have a mentor in showing and breeding or was this an unplanned litter? Is she having difficulty breathing or are her breaths just rapid and she sounds like she just ran a race? If she a first time mommy, you need to stay with her while she delivers!!
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The weezing is I guess the only way I know how to explain her heavy breathing that was coming as she was heaving or contracting... This is her second litter, I guess you could have called it panting, it was just pretty loud. When cats start having contractions, do they stop and start again?
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Sometimes in early labor...but if in heavy labor - if you can tell she's visibly been pushing w/no kitten appearing - is a reason to get hold of a vet. Delivering a kitten and taking a break before contractions get going again and having more kittens, is not unusual.

One sign of pushing in my cats was a flicking of the whiskers straight forward (yes, straight forward), and they might make a "moof" sound as well, and you'd see the back arch, and a shudder of the muscles as they push. Hard contractions, even on a longhair, you should be able to see the uterus ball up and be hard - then relax.

If you have any doubts, you need to get hold of a vet, there could be a mal-presentation of a kitten, a very large kitten, or ?
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I could see the uterous ball up and tighten and relax, I am just wondering if it is strange that they stopped? ANd wondering if it is normal?
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I've seen my guys (years ago when I did have cats having kittens) have irregular or occasional contractions that stopped...but anything consistent that last for some time span, that obviously make her really uncomfortable, that suddenly stop..would concern me. As would any regular contractions accompanied by pushing (or breaking of one of the kitten's amniotic sacs) w/no kitten after 20 minutes or so (see the article link for a more exact description of how much time of pushing is the norm).
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