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They threaten to shoot my dogs and ducks!! longish

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A few days ago I was completly P.O. to see my nieghbors younge daughter hitting my duck. It rarly goes over to their side of the yard through the large fence opening, the other duck just stays put. The reason i was mad was their was a boy of 14 yrs in the yard watching her do this.(i live in a duplex and put up a fence) I went out side and shouted to her not to hit my duck and went to retrive the very badly shaken duck.

The boy lie's and says she was tryn to get it back on our side, she is about 2-3 yrs. Well to make it a lil short he raises his voice and threaten me and well of course Robert hears it and tells him to shut up then the boy said he wanted to fight. Robert steps up and the boy runs to get his uncle. Of course you have tyo understand that the boy and uncle does not even live at the property my duck had gotten on to, they live on the other side of the block where our yards are visible. Well I rounded up my ducks and locked them up and went in. Not even 10 minutes later someone is BANGING at my door an dWhat do I see, the very whimpy boy and a very large uncle and a stuck up aunt.

THrough the argueing, im thinking that they have no right telling me to fix a fence that doesnt go along their yard. I hear the man say he will get his 9mm and shoot my dog and duck if they ever got in his yard. ( I was arguing with the woman by the way) Then out of no where the woman brings up that people watched me in the morning throwing dog poop in their yard(which I sleep very late and a dumpster isnt very far away.)

The uncle wanted to fight Robert which they asked for him in the first place, I told him that that boy needed to man up to his word. They left and I called my mom which called the police to warn them about the threat of shooting my dogs and ducks.
I now have Rascal in front and inside, ducks are locked up(poor things), the mother of the 2 years old was told what happend.
ON top of all that the told the pound we were gonna shhot our dog that sick(which was a F up by the cop), I quickly pointed out what was going on a a pit bull puppy that belong to the boy that was dieing of parvo and denied vet care(the dog died a few day ago). Plus the fact the uncle is breeding pits(illegal). I swear have4ing nieghbors really is a pain.

I really needed to get this out. This isnt the first problem we've had with them either. Oh and my nieghbor doesnt care that the duck gets in her yard every now and then.

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Yikes! These people sound like nuts. I don't really have any advice to offer you, other than saying that I can feel for you. I'm so glad our neighbors in my apartment complex all keep to themselves! I've lived in some nasty situations with crazy people for neighbors before and it isn't easy. It's good that your mom notified the police!
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Even though the neighbor doesn't mind about the duck, you should try and fix the fence as soon as possible. That will ensure that your duck is safe, and give you peace of mind too. Even if it is just a temporary fix like putting up some chicken wire or a few planks of wood across the area which is damaged until you can have it done properly.

p.s. Don't get involved in any more arguments with those horrible people, call the police and tell them you want to make a citizens arrest on them next time they threaten you or your family.
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I have put a chain on a dog and removed it from the 2nd yard so I can place my ducks and chicken back their. The fence inst damaged it has large spacing in it. around 5-6 inches of a squar. So unfixable at the moment. We did find a place where we can live, no close siding nieghbors, large yard. So when my mom finds out who owns it we are going to get it.

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Hi! I'm glad you are moving. Your neighbors sound like a bunch of nuts lol. Good Bye!
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I hope to be moving soon, anouther part of their family just moved in to the house a block down. I swear. I never thought I would deal with horrible people.
I hope no more houses open up around here.

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