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We broke down and bought a big cat tree from the local pet store Friday, to replace our "ghetto tree" that was bolted to the wall because Mika ripped it down the first day.

Holly instantly claimed the top "rounded" perch that's so comfortable to snuggle in. Mika is very unhappy about this. Most of the day he's been in & out of the office fighting with her over it... and not play fighting either. I caught him chomping on her ear and biting her in various other places so I've had to keep a close eye on them... Especially since he's 3X her size.

But, she hasn't given it up yet... (you can see her noggin a little still sitting in it)

Anybody have any suggestions for a mean big brother who can't accept defeat?
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is he neutered??
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No advice for you sorry. But that sure looks like a nice tree!
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Yup, he's neutered! He just wants that perch soooooooooooooooo badly!!!

If this keeps up, the only thing I can figure is custom fitting the tall-flat perch with another round perch!

It is pretty nice... we'll see how it holds up to Mika's wrath. We got it for $145, guy at the store said they knocked $50 off the price because it wasn't selling.
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wow that sure is a cat tree!!! i would call it a 5 star cat tree...

eek dont show my boys!!
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That was $145??? Boy, did you ever get a deal!
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You know a lot of people dont understand why they cost what they do. I build them with scrap lumber and used carpet to keep my expenses down but a tree like that with all the cutting & glueing of the carpet and wood would still tale me 10 hours or so to build right. So yes i'd say u got a bargain.
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Sounds to me like they both want to be Alpha cat. I love the cat tree. I wish I could afford one. I think my Simba would love one.
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that tree is awesome!!! That sure is a heck of a deal!!!

I can't wait to see more pics!!! Please tell him I said to be nice to his new sister!!!
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I think Holly's sick and tired of it and she ain't gonna take it anymore! She's been walking around today making the oddest noise... it's like a meow-growl, but not a growl. It's almost like she's forewarning him that she's in no mood to play around.

It was a great deal. When we asked for the price we were shocked it wasn't $300. We almost ordered one from Yugisoft.com because they have them just as cheap with free shipping, but we decided we needed instant gratification.
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Thats an amazing tree indeed! Hopefully the furbies can come to some amicable arrangements for perch custody!
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Well, I dont blame him for being a little jealous. Holly has nabbed herself quite the spot!!! What an amazing tree! I cant imagine where I would put something like that! I bet my kitties would love it though!!!
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That is such a great deal! Congrats on your find. I'm sure eventually they will pick spots out. Maybe you could put a nice comfy pillow or blanket on the other perch to make it more appealing.

I **love** the paint color, by the way!! I can't wait to get my own house so I can actually do some really decorating.
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