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im a scared momma

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ok, my aunts are going to take only 1 kitten. together, they have 3 children (2- 5 year old girls and 1- 2 year old boy) i am so scared that the boy will hurt the baby kitty. my aunt will take good care of it but she is so busy that she won't have her eye on it at all times so what should i do. i want to have a close connection to the kittys as they grow up so.... HELP ME!!
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Natascha, you are a very good kitty mommy to be so concerned about the welfare of your babies once they leave your care. Do you have any specific reasons to worry about this little boy? Has he shown that he isn't good with handling kitties in the past? If not, then maybe have him come over and introduce him to the little ones. Show him the proper way to handle them and what to do and not do.

If he has a history of being less then kind to kitties, then talk to your aunts about your worries. Tell them they are welcome to a baby, but you want to be sure the little boy will be able to handle the new little one. I know when I was little I was very good with animals, so hopefully the little guy will be too! Good luck with your babies
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Well, your babies should really stay with the mommy cat until they're about 12 weeks old. By that time, they probably will be able to outrun the two-year-old. In my experience, cats generally have a healthy sense of self-preservation around kids, which most of the time means hiding.

By the way, good for you for being so concerned for the babies' welfare. You might be a scared momma, but I'm sure you'll be a good one.
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well the little boy is rough (like most little boys are at 2 years old) and he doesn't realize that it is a baby. i don't want the kitty to be afraid of kids or humans as soon as he lives with them! what to do?
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Maybe you can talk to your aunt about your concerns. Tell her you'd like to keep the kitten til he's 12 weeks old, for the kitten's sake, and that you are concerned that your cousin may hurt him. Suggest that the little boy be kept away from him until the kitten is old enough to run away when he needs to. Hopefully that can sort things out.
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yeah, he jsut doesn't understand. i don't want little kitty to be running constantly!
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