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Overprotective Mom?

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Hey everyone Long time no see, I know... but as Tehya's kittens are reaching 4 wks (this Sunday!!!) they are of course getting to be little busybodies. I cut out a section of their box so they can walk in and out, otherwise they constantly scratch at the sides and cry to be let out to play. But as soon as they started for the opening, mom started freaking out She tried to stop them from coming out, and when they did walk out, she started licking them frantically and even nipping at them a little. I think she doesn't want them out of the box, but I have no idea why Is this normal for mom to do this? She's settling down a little bit, but she still meows at them when they come out. Thanks for reading, I'm at a loss for what she's up to
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Pepsi's wee ones are eight weeks old, and it was right about at four weeks when they figured out how to climb out of their little box. She was frantic; she even came to get us out of bed so we could help her corral them.

Pretty soon, though, she calmed down about it, I think once she realized that it was one against five and the odds weren't in her favor.
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Maybe you can at least close the door of the room they are in, so they can't get too far from Momma. Mine turned 5 weeks old today. I have been closing them in a cage every night, giving them run of the room all day. About 2 days ago Smartie, my tortie baby, crawled out of the cage. There are 2 doors to the cage, because it is really one cage wired on top of another. So she crawled up the cage about 3 feet, to get out the top door. I had a chair sitting outside the cage, so the Momma cat could crawl in and out all night.

Also, there are shelves inside the cage, and now the babies crawl up and get on the top shelf where I have been feeding the Momma cat. They are just growing up so quick. Last week they really started eating dry food, drinking water, and using the litterbox.
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I would definitely confine them to one room, not only because it's dangerous, but it would also make momma feel more secure about letting her kittens out into the real world. CJ was pretty protective of her kits, too... she wouldn't come out of the room the first week. And when they go somewhere she isn't allowed to, she freaks out, too.
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Please don't panic!!!!!!!

This is excellent behaviour from your kittens mum.. If she was'nt bothered i'd be more worried. She will at about 7-8 weeks calm completely, just remember she is probably still feeding them now and again and as with humans she wants to know where her children are. Keep an eye to make sure none of them get injured- remember shesonly letting them know whos boss.
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I agree with the others ... and can only add that at 4 weeks old, they are going to begin wanting to run and stretch those developing little muscles - you need to allow them to do this.

Best of luck,

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Thanks everyone, Momma is calming down now... I think she realizes there are 4 little battles going 4 opposite ways *grin* I do keep the bedrrom door closed at all times, so as our 3 other kitties an our dog don't come in. She's still a little wary, but at least she lets them actually come out of the box now
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She sounds like a great mommy! I bet you are so proud of her.
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