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Kitty condo plan!

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Ok - picture this one! Hubby put the big kitty condo in front of the kitchen window - rigged up an elaborate rope system. Here's the deal - Goldie and the remaining two kittens will suanter in there and then we yank hard on the rope, pulling the door shut tight! We are going to put food in there for a couple of days to get them used to the idea - then put stinky old sardines, etc in the back of the condo.
Presto - feral capture. Or so we think.......

Wish us luck with this one!
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Sounds like a good idea. Hope it works, Good luck to you!
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Scooter was in the condo this morning playing with a hanging ball I have set up there to 'lure' them in. I hope this is a sign that before the week is out - we will catch the critters!
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Got Scooter About 1/2 hr ago - She walked into the condo to get a treat and hubby yanked the cord. She is one unhappy baby at the moment - but tomorrow is another day! Only mom and another kit to go. Mom get s fixed and then can live here with us. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!
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Any news on mom or the other kit?
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