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Barnes and Noble, and then to Lowes
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To the gym
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To the vets. My four babies got their vaccines.
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To work!
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The Vet.
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Outside. Had a salad and chicken tenders delivered.
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Umm... I went to the post office... Yeah, the post office.
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The boss office...
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to the toilet!
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Honestly? LOL, the vet!!
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PetsMart, PetCo and Smith's (grocery)

Went out looking for a new collar for my dog.
I use a combination of leather buckle collar and a Gentle leader for walks, but he normally wears a chain for his tags. Standard leather collars make him bald, standard nylon collars make him bald, and now recently, his chain started making him bald.

Was hoping to find a show chain, or at least a fine chain in his size, no dice, no rolled leather big enough either
Ended up getting a nylon/chain martingale style, so he can wear it loose, hopefully this will work out.
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Went to work, it was my last night of graveyard shift! YEAH!!!!!
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Victoria park for ice cream
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To Nana's. She dropped me off at 4:40pm
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Madrid for a work meeting... just got back and now I'm sleepy
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To the bathroom...........
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I went to Heb and rented a movie called A Dirty Shame - The neuter version it was verry funny, in the movie they called people who where normal neuters. It had Tracy Ulman and Chris Izac in it , definitly recomended if you like john waters movies.
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Out to get a coffee and bagel this morning!
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Out to our cabin for a big birthday party... my grandpa is 70, and we lit off fireworks... yay for the 4th of July!
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To porirua to meet my boyfriend and bring him over to my house!
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Out to the corridor of the office to use the ladies loo!
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To my kitchen to make a cup of tea!
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I just did what sarah did haha!
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To Oxford St at lunchtime!

I have been sitting here for 2 hours now I think I should get up and take a walk! lol
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unfortunately, the Emergency Room!
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fire works last night
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