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Where was the last place you went?

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I went to Lake City to shop for clothes.
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Went to Newark for a meeting at our other office....not much fun.
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We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place for chimichengas. Then we went to Michaels to buy foam posters for our July 4 neighborhood party. Then we went to Best Buy and then Target looking for a Trac Phone since we pay $60 a month and never use ours... and almost bought a camcorder instead as an impulse buy because I want to make a new music video of the cats!!!!
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I went to my fiddle lesson yesterday, and stopped at the grocery store on the way back.
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Pet Supplies Plus of course

Made my weekly trek there and said hello to the Humane Society that runs an adoption center in the back of the store.

Very exciting life I lead.
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My friend Steph's. I stayed there last night and walked home today [30 minutes]
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I visited my parents and my dad left me play with his bug zapper. It looks like a tennis racket but it has an electical charge that runs through the frame where you smack the bugs. I had fun!!
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We went to the Pet expo today, lots of great samples and good prices on stuff, saw lots of beautiful cats & dogs as well as rescued obnes, they had horses, lamas, reptiles and such also, we had fun
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To work!
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A block and a half away to Petco for bird food, crickets, a new 'cleaning crew' for my aquarium, and a bamboo stalk for my aquarium.
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To the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center to teach my Hardbodies and Washboard Abs classes and to get in my 30 minutes of cardio.
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To hell in a hand basket.......
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I went through Goody's Steakburger drive thru
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Ummm....the bathroom!
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Went for a walk with hubby down a quiet country road
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I took the subway one stop south to PharmaPlus to buy more Buckleys, because I woke up with a horrible cold this morning and am almost out of Buckleys. While I was down there I stopped at the What-A-Bagel and bought some cookies, mmmm.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Ummm....the bathroom!
same here
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I went to Fazoli's, and this is right after I got off work from the Olive Garden, which makes it pretty funny. I was just craving a strawberry freezi!
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the grocery store. fun times.
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Grocery store
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To Vons for some groceries. I made a GREAT dinner tonight, if I do say so myself.
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My sweetie took me out for dinner, since I (uncharacterically) was not in the mood to produce a meal. Nothing special. We have a spot for such evenings. The Cheshire Cheese Inn (fondly known as "the cheese") is British Pub style. All the pub food you can think of, plus a few other popular items, in a homey/friendly/pub atmosphere, with very reasonable price tags. Every night there's a roast special. Friday and Saturday it's Prime Rib. The cow died in a good cause, let me tell you.
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Work... as usual!
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the lake
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A medical conference in Boston - no fun tho I did see some friends I had not seen in awhile and briefly ate lunch with my sister at Logan airport. (I would have loved to have seen her Tokinese and Siamese kitties tho, lol)
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Shopping for groceries after getting back from the v-e-t (Tyler had a followup b/p check as he's been on norvasec for the past week).
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My Nanas. We had a roast!
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I went to Brewer's Fayre, to eat lots of comfort food and get drunk. Hey, it worked for me
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A walk along the river which is at the bottom of my street and it was beautiful
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