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Here's Bucky! - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Definitely a ringer for a Snowshoe!
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Originally Posted by lakeriedog
Yes, I love that cartoon!
Me, too Your Bucky has some big shoes to fill!
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How adorable is he???? Oh my gosh!! I just wanna cuddle him up!
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What an ANGEL!!!!!
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Bucky is a real cutie!
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OMG he's adorable!
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She is growing so fast, here's a few more pics of my little Bucky!

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She is beautiful!!! I'm so happy you posted more pictures!!! Thank you!!!

Can't wait to see more
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What a beauty!, such unique markings
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Wow! She's a beauty!
I just love her little white paws
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WOW - what a beautiful baby you have there!!!!
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Bucky is so cute!!! He is lucky to have you!!!
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OMG how beautiful! He has gorgeous coloring!
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