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My Good Friend Loretta Made This Card :)  

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*My friend Loretta made this card Isn't it beautiful!
Thanks Loretta

She's such a sweetie!


*I know not all of us are Christian here, this is not to disrespect other beliefs or traditions.
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Very beautiful Cat and Loretta and a great wish for the world.
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Very nice, Loretta. Thanks!
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Okay, my MISTAKE!

Loretta happened to send me an email cringing herself, but laughing hysterically at me! haha! That's cool! She sent me this card, I thought she made it, cause she has one of those Webtv things, and I think they can create their own Siggies...(a term used by WebTv users)...?????? hahaha! Sorry for the misinformation, but it's beautiful scene for a card nevertheless!!!
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Yeah Cat, I have one of those webtv "things" :laughing: :laughing:
Yes it is a beautiful picture!
Now if we can work on faxing each other without any silly problems. We'll be doing OK!!!

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Are you saying we're "fax-incompetent?"

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Oh no Cat, I have no problem faxing. Some one (won't mention name) :laughing: does not set HER fax up right...so I end up calling someone in Florida who might want to sleep but answers the phone! :laughing:
Do you still have your instruction book handy??? :laughing:
If I knew I was going to be calling Mike I would have sent him a fax!

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Loretta, that is a beatiful card even if you didn't make it!! I love the way it looks.

Happy Holidays to you!
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Okay, so I guess that means I have to take the "we're" out of that comment? :laughing2:laughing2....hahaha!

See what I go through Daniela...hahaha!?


PS Mike was glad to hear from ya; so I hear! :laughing2
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Thank you Daniela (what a beautiful name!).
Happy Holiday to you and may you have a blessed New Year!!!

and you Cat, did you apologize to Mike that you didn't know how to set your fax machine? :laughing:

Geesh, I'm afraid to fax you now...who knows who will answer! :laughing:...I can see it now.."No Mr President I didn't mean to fax you but this was the number Catarina gave me." :laughing:

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Of course I didn't apologize...as a matter of fact, he's looking forward to another paw print from Nomar! :laughing2 :laughing2

Oh, don't worry about the Prez's number...that's in safe keeping with John Walker :laughing2
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No, No, Cat. Walker has OBL's number! You have the prez's number! Don't you remember you called me and told you were invited to the White House to assist in peace talks? :LOL: :LOL:

The heck with Nomar's paw prints to Mike. Nomar has Ninya..Give me the number and I will wish Mike a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :LOL:

Loretta :
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Here's the new number: 1-900-The-Prez
Hahahaha! They're trying to generate some extra funds these days. :laughing2

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Oh Cat, again I have to correct you! That number is no longer in service...The number you posted was for the former Prez...and yes it did generate alot of.....

OK we'll play it safe and call it "Funds" :LOL:

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you guyzzzzzzzz !
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She made me do it!!! :laughing:

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Who me?


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Oh no, not you Catarina...:LOL:
Please take a break from typing. I know how writing TWO WORDS can tire ya out! :LOL:

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