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new babies

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Guess what everybody! Gracie had her babies this morning from 4-6. i was so prepared! My mom didn't know how to help. The problem was... Gracie only took the umbilical cord off the first baby and not the other 3 so i had to do it. Now they are sleeping peacefully except for a little black one that can't seem to find the nipple. um so i am having my dad go and get kitten milk and bottle just in case it wont eat. i definitely will make sure it eats today and tomorrow so it will get those important nutrients that it can only get from Gracie. i am so happy. it has been a tiring morning!
Natascha 14 years old
ps is it bad to hold the kittens while i try and help it find the "TEAT"?
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Congratulations and well done! And that goes for both you and Gracie. Welcome to the little ones.
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How exciting.. Congrats to you both.. New babies I can't wait to see pictures
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Congratulations. No you may handle the babies.
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