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Little mousey.. good vibes needed :(

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Today at work in the shelter I noticed whiskey the cat creeping away sheepishly and I called his name.. he looked up at me and there was a frantically wiggling tail coming out of his mouth.. it looked exactly like in skits where he is about to suck it up like spaghetti.. I grabbed him and forced his mouth open and took out the poor little mouse.. he's only barely weaned by the size of him.. and not doing great.. I brought him home because there is no outward damage and I want to give him a chance

He is so tiny he would sit on a euro coin easily I have my fingers crossed.. he has made it 6 hours so far.. and stillis a bit wiggly.. but heavily breathing. I have him in a quiet place and comfortable so if he must, he can die in peace.

Don't look at the pics if you are easily upset by ill creatures

Little Fella

Fighting for life

I don't know how cat lovers in general feel about mice but I think every animal has the same right to life be it an ant or an elephant.
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Poor little fella Sending good vibes his way.
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I hope he makes it! Out of interest, what are you feeding him?
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Only had him a few hours, so no food yet.. he's in no state to eat.. I initially put him in one of the 'mouse ward' carriers where we put injured mice in to die safely.. its a sad fact to have them there but the fact is the place is filled with mice and cats.. and if we don't put the dying mice somewhere, the cats will bat them around or poke at them.. not eat them or finish them off. At lunch I checked him and was suprised he was still alive. At closing time when I saw him still moving I decided to give him a chance. I am just finishing some pasta now after feeding my kittens so I am going to try drop a few droplets of rehydration solution into his mouth to ease with the shock.
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I´m so sorry to heard that.. best wishes and prayers...
Sending (((((((good vibes))))))....
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Poor little thing. That is very nice of you to try & give this little creature a chance. Yes, I agree, every creature should have the chance at life. Sending little mousy thoughts your way.
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Oh my goodness! Bless you for taking care of him! Keep us updated!
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Awww poor little guy.. Sending good vibes to you..
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Poor little guy! Sending lots of vibes his way.
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that he pulls through!
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Thanks guys but he slipped away a little while ago
I'm going to be extra sharp eyed tomorrow as there seems to be a lot of little ones venturing out from their nests to see the world right now..
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What a shame! Is there nothing you can do for orphan mice like orphan kittens?
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yes they can be handreared, I did so with 2 previous baby mice who were uncovered by shifting stuff, but were unharmed. Amber and Tanya, but I released them once they were weaned. The difference here was this little guy probably had internal damage from Whiskey's jaw.

Also they can be fostered to other rodents but I would be reluctant to foster a wild mouse in case they carried anything transmittable to my other rodents. Again the difference is he was weaned, but severely injured.
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Poor little mousie...
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