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Tuna & Tuna Water

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I started giving Fez and my other cats some Tuna water, cause i can put the missing link supplements in there. Anyway I find myself wasting these cans of tuna meat, can cats eat Tuna without anything bad coming from it, can dogs aswell? They would be getting it as a daily treat and not as a replacment for their actual meals. Would this be ok?
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Im not sure but its a great question. I have been wondering this myself.
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I have been feeding my cats tuna for years. I only give them tune packed in water...no oil. They do not get the tuna as a meal...only as a treat. I have not had any health problems because of the tuna. I have no idea as to tuna for dogs.
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All my cats have had tuna on occasion, either as a treat or because of an emergency when I have run out of cat food! But tuna in water often has a lot of salt in it so I do not think it good on a regular basis, and cats need other nutrients than those available in pure tuna.
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If you read this article it covers all issues re tuna - which is better, tuna in oil or in water (in water), mercury content, addicitive nature of tuna, and tuna as a protein that cats may have an allergic reaction to.

I would use tuna or tuna water only in moderation, and consider using dried bonito flakes instead (as just a few flakes will be enough usually to get the cat eating the food it's atop) - which you can get in Asian markets, or various pet stores -Kitty Kaviar was the original flaked bonito (a kind of tuna) cat treat, since then Cosmic and others have also put out the same kind of treat.
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