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SOS- cats in need of home

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Hi. My name is Caitlin Rassenti and this is my story

For the past three years I have opened my home and heart to three wonderful cats, Logan who was adopted at age 3 from a local shelter and two small kittens Mona and Nefer who came into my possession after a local animal group became disorganized. I loved these animals beyond measure and was ready to shoulder any burden they presented. Whether it was fate or the circumstances it turns out that all three cats were not from healthy stock. Within the first year of owning Logan he had a ruptured eardrum, followed by extensive dental surgery and a tooth extraction, which included an expensive after hours vet visit when he had a bad reaction to pain killers. I paid the vet bills but being a student at the time it took its toll and began my fall into credit card debt. Things seemed to have settled down until 2003 when Nefer and Mona came to live with me. First Mona suffered a bought of gardia which required numerous vet visits and drugs, then Logan have to have another run of dental surgery and a lump removed which was believed to be cancerous. Then tragedy hit at Thanksgiving. Nefer developed a severe infection in her mouth, with her gums literally rotting. Things snowballed there and Nefer was hospitalized and it was found that her lungs were full of fluid and horribly scarred. I tried everything I could and ended up spending over 4000 dollars trying to get Nefer back to health. She kept bouncing back only to crash again. We were in and out of the hospital with her receiving emergency shots and oxygen treatments. I was slowly getting deeper and deeper into debt. Finally in June of 2004 Nefer had to be put down, her lungs and mouth never really getting any better. I was crushed and admittedly have never gotten over having to say goodbye to my sweet baby.

In August of 2004 though I found myself suddenly unemployed. The store I had worked at while at school and a year after I graduated had to lay me off and I suddenly found myself with a huge debt (7000+ dollars) and no income. I was forced to move back in with my parents and had to leave Mona and Logan in temporary fostering with some friends. I am now working in BC trying to pay off my debts and return to college for, ironically enough, vet assistant.

Two weeks later I found out that Mona needed more meds and treatment for her stomach and Logan required another 700 for dental surgery which lead to the removal of all his teeth. I came to the extremely upsetting realization that I cannot afford the two most important things in my life. Working the job I have now I make about 16,000 annually and am trying to get debt free and save up for tuition. Not to mention I suffer from healthy problems and have to pay over $130 a month for medication.

I don't want to give them up. I've tried everything to keep these cats but I can't keep lying to myself. I am never going to be able to take care of myself and take care of them. I don't want their health to suffer but at the same time I can't neglect myself, which I have had to do in the past to pay the bills.

I'm very frightened for them. With their past health problems I know that a normal shelter would have them put them down. This is why I'm reaching out to you fellow cat lovers. Mona and Logan are the best things that have ever happened to me. They're loving wonderful cats, they just require a level of finicial stability that a student/retail worker can't provide.

I'm hoping I can find them the loving home they deserve. I know I can love them, but I just can't take care of them and they deserve much much better.

I hope you won't think badly of me. I've already had a few non-rpofit shelters make me feel like a monster for having to give them up. A few even told me flat out that if I loved my cats I'd declare bankruptcy just to kee them. But that isn't fair to me or to them.

Right now they're living with a foster in Toronto, Otnario. She originally was thinking of adopting them but that fell through. I know it's a lot to ask but if anyone here is interested or knows of someone please contact me.

Logan is now six. He's a half ragdoll neutered boy. He loves to be pet and brushed. He's very VERY easy going and gets along with other female cats (males take a few days). He's great with kids, very very tolerate and doesn't require much in the way of activity since he's a bit lazy. Mona is a snuggler, nearly 2 she loves to be in your lap. She is easy going as well and gets along with other cats. Neither are too comfortable around dogs (Logan tends to puff up) but like I said both are excellent with kids or with the elderly.

I just want to find them homes where I know they'll be safe and loved and not dumped out on the street just because they may have further health issues.

if anyone can help I'd apperciate it

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You poor thing. I really do feel bad for you. Have you tried Petfinder.com yet? Perhaps they can help. Also there are some special needs sanctuaries out there that might be able to keep your cats until you are back on your feet financially (but, be VERY careful about which one you go to and try to visit often to make sure all is okay). You might also try contacting Bestfriends.org to see whether they know of a long-term but temporary home for them. (I am assuming that if you can't find a permanent home for them that you would like them back once you are better able to care for them.)
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I'm so sorry about your situation. I can't imagine how horrible that must be for you. I don't think that anyone here would blame you. You are simply trying to do what is in the best interest of your cats. I don't know if Canada has anything like petfinder.org but they do have a section for classified ads. Hopefully someone on here will be able to help you. I know that one poster has links to a number of organizations that can help with medical bills- although I'm not sure who. Hopefully she will see this post and respond.
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Have you tried asking your vet if any of the staff might be interested? From the sounds of it they would know your cats pretty well and obviously the staff would be more willing to deal with health problems. They might even know of one or two really good clients that would have the resources to deal with health problems.

As far as your own situation goes- and this may not be any of my business but I'm going to say it anyways - you should consider a vet technician program vs. vet assistant. As a tech you will be more in-demand, there will be more jobs available, and the pay is better. I know a great school in B.C. and there are other (equally good but not as great ) programs all across Canada. If you are worried about $$$- trust me, it is worth every penny.
Good Luck!
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