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HELP! Wondering how far we are from labor?

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I am new at this, this is the first pregnant cat that I have ever even seen! I have read all the signs of what to look for, but when applied to a real life situation it is hard. I adopted Ms. Priss exactly 65 days ago and brought her home to my barn, she disappeared for a day or two and returned, but has been in and out ever since (she is now comfortably set up in my sunroom).

I am trying to figure out how close she is to having kittens. She has been very affectionette. For the past two days she has been laying by me wanted me to rub on her tummy. Last night I thought she was breathing heavier than usual, but I might have been imagining it. Her stomach is huge, and her nipples pink and starting to look full and rounder. I can feel the kittens inside moving constantly and she looks so uncomfortable waddling around. Last night she went to her litter box twice and didn't go to the bathroom, but half an hour later she went to the bathroom. She has been licking herself, sides and stomach but I can't really say if she is doing it more than usual, except that she did it at least 4 times that I saw this evening. There also appears to be a little dried or crusty blood or something dark around her genital area. She keeps kneeding the ground with her two front paws while she is laying down.

Does this sound like we could be having kittens soon? What do contractions look like? Can anyone share their experience with the cats that might help me? Thank you! And yes, I am having her fixed as soon as the kittens arrive!
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Disclaimer - I am not a Vet nor am I a Vet Professional. I serve only to share my experiences with others and do not claim to be an expert. My first answer to any question posted in this Forum will always be the same. Ask your vet. That all now being said ...

It sounds like kittens will be arriving very, very soon. Have you made up a birthing nest for your girl? You may want to consider confining Ms. Priss in the nest you have hopefully made for her - else she will deliver her babies where ~she~ thinks she should, which may not be the best or most convenient of places for you.

With regard to her unproductive trips to her litter, watch her carefully from now on ... many first-time, young or inexperienced queens mistake the feeling of a contraction with the need to eliminate and may deliver a kitten into the litter.

A contraction looks ... well, it looks like a contraction. *grin* She will appear to be straining as though she is trying to pass something, which of course, she is. She may even grunt a little or cry out with the contraction discomfort. Offer her your gentle spoken encouragement and if you really want to be kind to her, allow her to use the palm of your hand to push against with her back feet as she delivers.

I don't know how much longer I can sit here at the computer ... am taking meds which make me quite dizzy but I will continue to check in over the next few hours to see how you are doing.

Best of luck and gentle chin-scritches to Ms. Priss,

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And yes, I am having her fixed as soon as the kittens arrive!
Can I add THANK YOU for that. To make that easier....keep her indoors with no opportunity to get out until you can get her spayed (keeping her in an interior room with no access outdoors is a good idea). I know that sounds like a "duh" comment...but I had a friend whose cat got out before her spay date and she got pregnant again.

Good Luck,

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Still no kittens... I finally fell asleep around 3:00 am when she jumped up on a chair and started yawning. I thought I saw her have contractions, but I may be mistaking the kittens movement for that - how can I tell the difference? Regardless, she must be close, I hope! I don't know how much more of this staying awake till 3 am I can take!
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