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Twyla Thompson of Pebble Beach, California, was driving alone in her car, when a man in another car started tailing her, gesturing frantically. Fearful that the man was some kind of maniac, she floored the gas pedal and roared off, the strange man in hot pursuit. Finally, spotting a policeman, Twyla pulled over. Before she could say a word, the policeman yelled, "lady, you've got a cat on top of your car!" There, hanging on for dear life to the luggage rack was Twyla's cat, Panda. Twyla hugged Panda and apologized to the animal-loving stranger who had been desparately trying to stop her.
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Yikes is right!
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One more place to check before I drive off!

That cat sure had a grip!
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WOW! Cute story, with a happy ending!
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