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Bosco's injured!

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I was out with some girls from work and when I got home I found poor little Bosco with an injury...well, what we think is an injury... My b/f had a few friends over and our entertainment stand had an open door and he was running around and nailed his little head on the corner.... He's got a cut just about his eye and it's bleeding. He was scratching at it, and I'm afraid he's going to make it worse, or already has...his little claws are so sharp... We think he hit it and caused the cut...but then again, maybe it's a 'hot spot'?? Maybe he kept scratching himself there until he bled? Possible? Should I try to clean the wound? If so, with what? It doesn't seem to be bothering him...more me, I think than him!

Follow up on the marks around his mouth...we had a toy that he was incessantly playing with ...it was a mouse on a metal spring that stuck to the fridge..he had it loose from the fridge and played with it (mouse still attached to the spring)...I'm thinking perhaps he got a little too chewy on the metal spring and the marks we're seeing may be little cuts from the wire. We're still keeping an eye on it.

My poor baby... I hate the thought of him hurting!
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Trim his nails and bathe the wound with warm water and a clean compress.
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It's awful when you feel pain for them!! You should see a thickening and hardening of the area within 36-48 hrs. If it continues to be "open" take him in right away. Lots of hugs.
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Thanks for the advice, and the well wishes! Hissy, just after you posted I tried to do what you suggested; I had a cloth that I dipped in warm water and proceeded to press it against the cut. He didn't seem to want anything to do with that, but on the third attempt he let me press it for a few seconds...no blood came off onto the cloth. Then I attempted to sit him on my lap to clip his nails and he wanted NOTHING to do with that....I couldn't get him to sit still at all...after trying 4 more times and him running away and me in tears, I went to bed (it was after 2am my time)...he joined not that long after and slept all night with us. It looks MUCH better today...I hope he'll keep his claws out of it. Perhaps now that my b/f is here with me the two of us can manage to clip the nails.
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Clipping their nails takes a lot of practice for both you and Bosco. It took me a good 6 months to get Dori used to it. But I didn't try to work with her on it until she was 1 and 1/2. Since Bosco is a kitten I think it will be much easier. If you do a search on nail clipping here on the site I bet you will find lots of excellent tips
Good luck and I am so glad Bosco is doing better this morning. It is always so scary when they are hurt. Those are the times you really wish they could tak to you!
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