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New Cat!! Help

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Hi every one! I am new to the site and I have an important question to ask. I have a 2 year old black and white long haired cat name Ushki and I have had him since kitten hood. I love him to pieces and recently me and my boyfriend decided to get him a play mate. So we went down to our local pound and adopted a cat. Unfortunatly, we happend to adopt a beatiful female Siamese cat. When we took her home and let her out of the cage she sniffed around for a while and then lunged after ushki who is twice her size. The siamese cat chased and harassed my baby for a while, and then we broke them up. Now she remains in the cage untill we can return her. My question to you guys is: do you think that these two have potential to get along or does it sound like its doomed? What should I do?
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Well, you can't just put two cats together and expect them to like it.
Introduction has to take place slowly, over at least a week, sometimes more.

Place the new cat in her own room, with the door shut, leave her food, water, literbox, bedding and toys, leaving a TV or radio on helps.

The cats will interact with each other safely under the door.

Alternate shutting one up in the room, and one loose in the house so that their scents are co-mingled throughout.

Have patience
Don't expect more than tolerance for a while, we're talking adult cats here.
Unless fur is actually flying and/or injuries occuring, there is potential for them to learn to like each other.
Use treats for good behavior.

I have a male here that still refuses to socialize with the two cats we got a month ago, but he was like that with my younger boys too, took him about 6 months to become buddies.
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I agree you can not just toss them together and expect them to get along right away it takes time. LG and Dutchy have been at odds with one another for sometime after his surgery, they are slowly starting to like one another again, and Jade is very anti social, she has been here for three weeks now, and doesnt get along with anyone but us. But again she is becomeing more tolerant, and everyone is getting more tolerant of her as well.
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Read the article. Cats need time to adjust to one another. I just went through the process of introducing my Siamese to my two foster Sphinexes and it took several weeks. The article probably says more than I can write here but they need time to sniff one another and your cat needs to know he is still loved as much as always and nothing has changed other than he has a new firry sister to play with! Give them time and lots of love! They need to adjust to each others' smells.

The best thing is to place the newcomer into her own room. A spare bedroom works. Any newcomer shoudl be isolated anyway - it is too much to expect any kitty, probably already traumatized by the center and all the changes in her life to saunter into and expect to be just fine in a new home. She needs to start small - one room with all her things in it and then later, begin to introduce them.

Good luck!! You may have to start from scratch now. I hate to see you bring back a cat to the pound after she has already been through God knows what! (I shudder at a Siamese being there to begin with - they do not do well in those situations and really need a specific Siamese Rescue or someone who knows something about the breed).
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I agree with the others. Our daughter moved back home with her little Siamese Mika and we kept Mika and our Bijou separated for 1 month only allowing short supervised visits in the evenings when we were home.

Now they are best friends. They sleep together and play together (sometimes pretty rough but they sort it out themselves).

Go slowly - if you've never had a Siamese before you are in for a treat. They IMO are absolutely wonderful and loving animals.
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