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The Litter Clump that ate Chicago

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Hi, this is my first post. I have a 9 year old male Tabby who lived most of his life with constant urinary tract infections. He had an operation 2 years ago that eliminated any chance of ever getting another one. I recently took him off the CD Urinary Tract formula dry food and he is now eating Pro-Plan and Science Diet Hairball formula. Since the change in food, the size of his pees have more than doubled. I am amazed every time I scoop - - I'm almost afraid to go near the litter box! Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge with this unusual phenomenon?
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He's probably just drinking more water since he's on a diet food... it fills him up more. Billy drank a ton when I had him on a diet. His pee clumps could fit the whole USA in it! I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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thanks for the quick reply! I feel better already.
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My male cat Dexter, leaves huge pee clumps. Two years ago, I was concerned & talked to my vet about it. He said that a cat's pee should be concentrated & have a very strong odor.
I had a blood panel done, for a base line, at that time. Everything was normal. Before he had his teeth cleaned a couple of months ago, bloodwork was done again. Everything was still normal. He is just a big solid cat with a big bladder, who produces big pee clumps.

Because of your kittys age & past heath history ... if you have any doubt, talk to your vet about it. You may want to do a Senior blood panal in the near future because you have changed his diet. Good luck
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As far as I know, there is no surgery that can prevent a cat from getting a urinary tract infection. The surgery prevents a cat from getting blocked, not getting a UTI. I would ask the vet if this is a cause for concern.
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