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How about sharing our Chrismas Kitty Photos?

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I'll start, here is Norton snuggled down into the stockings, would you want to remove him from his comfy spot? Look at those feral eyes!

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This is Sandkats P.T. Cruiser (Petey for short). One of our latest litters, he now lives with a wonderfull family in Bedford Mass. They sent us his picture about a week ago... How appropriate for a munchkin, being under a christmas tree...

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These pics are just too cute
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This is my cutest Christmas ornament.
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Crabby Tabby eyeballing the tree
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Antarctica thought she would take a nap in peace and quiet.
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Kaos requested that he stand in for the tree this year
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Ooooh... those are two sweet for me... I have to watch my diet remember?
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Here are three of my babies under the tree, The first on the far left(you can barely see her) is Kiri, then Gyspy in the middle, and then Missy on the right.
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Oh, what lovely piccys! Makes me wish mine would lay under the tree instead of draping himself across the branches!
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They all look like the best kind of presents to me! Beautiful babes!
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Melissa, I can't believe how well that photo turned out and how beautiful the lights are shining. What a magical photo!
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Okay... I'm going to attempt (once again) to attach Spawn's picture...
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And one more (because it's so darn cute!)
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Jin - your Spawn is mgnificant! What a little cutie - what was he begging for?
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Oh, thank you debra! I think she's wonderful myself! She was begging to be petted at the time the picture was taken, but she begs for all sorts of things... and when she does she ALWAYS gets what she wants becuase it's TOO CUTE to say no to! :LOL:
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How fun! Looks like he's doing "the wave"!

What on earth are you tempting him with?
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Looks like a mischeivous skunk! (mean that in a good way) Skunks are really cool and playful. Beautiful kitty
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Gosh, thanks guys! (Proud momma here!)

Sunlion - honest I wasn't using anything to tempt her! She just does that on her own when she wants something! It started when she was just a little tiny kitten ~ if you think it's cute now, you should have seen it then!! Just whenever she wants something I'm holding or eating, or when she just wants a little love pet or scratch, she does it.

Hissy - Two little white stripes down her back and she'd look almost exactly like a skunk! She is quite the character!
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Ariel was pouting because I wouldn't give her the toys santa brought until everyone was awake
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