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How much does amputation surgery cost?

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My sister just talked to my older niece who's cat I wrote about a few months ago that broke his leg...well, the bone is just not healing and the vet told her he needed orthopedic surgery which would be about 1,500 dollars which she cannot afford, she is a college student and doesn't have a ton of money. Or he'd have to be put to sleep.

She came out pf the vet in tears, she is so devastated

What I don't understand is there was no mention of amputation Isn't that an alternate option, I would think the price of that surgery would be considerably less.

He's such a happy and frisky kitty even with the cast on. I know he'd do real well with 3 legs.

Anyone have an idea of the cost of amputation surgery?
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It would depend totally on the vet's in her area, but yes it would be cheaper.

At our clininc it would probably be between $400 and $600 (rough estimate), but I'm sure there are places close to us that would cost double that.
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We paid $1,300.00 but it was an unusual place to take off the leg- way above the shoulder-
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oh Diane! I have no idea on the matter, but know that I am reading and sending my prayers!!
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Thanks guys!

The vet (this is the same vet I go to) said he would examine the xrays and see if he could do the surgery...he's pretty good with helping people out with payment plans. If not than I'll ask her to ask about amputation. Poor kitty's just turned one year old (he's one of the two my nephew found last summer that I took care of) and he's healthy and happy otherwise.
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