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This is just so sad!

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This is a local story that's been on the news the last few days. I was so hoping for a happy ending, but I just wanted to cry when this breaking news story came on about an hour ago

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
That's horrible! I hadn't heard about that yet. You must live close to me. that's the station I watch too!

Hi Karen, I'm in NJ. It's a Philadelphia channel.
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My husband told me about this story earlier today. How tragic for their families. RIP, little ones.
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I watched a news report about these three boys the other day. What a horrible and tragic ending!!!!!!!
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I prayed for their safe return when I first heard the story. What a horribly tragic ending .
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Looks like their deaths were ruled accidental.

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This is such an awful story! I sensed it was an accident. The 11 year old boy has some problems mentally and they say that even though he just passed the 5th grade his mind is that of a 3 or 4 year old. I bet they were just playing around and thought it would be funny to hide in the trunk without knowing they wouldn't be able to open it back up once they were inside.
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very sad
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so horrible...
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It's a horrible ending.
It's amazing that nobody looked in the trunk. And what about the search dogs they used when they thought the boys might have ended up in the Delaware? I realize they weren't using cadaver dogs, but you'd think a dog on the property would have shown some interest in a trunk with three bodies decomposing in it.
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The thing that really got to me is that one of the local channels had the airiel (sp?) camera rolling when the father opened the trunk and found them. That was a sight I will never forget

PS....what happened to abbysmom's post I know she had one because I quoted it!
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I dont know. I think its a little strange that right as this vigil was supposed to be starting someone felt the need to go get something out of the trunk of the car that SUPRISE! had the bodies of the three missing boys in it. Sounds kinda like that lady that drove her kids into the lake a few years ago and went on tv offering rewards for finding her kids. And how irresponsible for the police offices to not know if the trunk of the car had been searched or not, I think we searched that car, but I dont remember if we searched the trunk. I thought searching the car means you check the trunk. I mean you werent going to find the bodies in the glove box.
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This is the latest: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/06/27/nj.boys.ap/index.html
One of the boys' father is also questioning why the trunk wasn't searched. Wouldn't family members have looked, too? After all the stories of kids suffocating in old refrigerators, etc., I think I would've checked the trunk.
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