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How was your wedding?

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I've always been interested in this, so would some of you share the special moment of your lives, even if it was more than once?

I'm not married yet so i cant share
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My husband and I got married 2 years ago at a place called the Windmill Garden. www.windmillgarden.com. It is a beautiful place and we buy almost of our plants there. We had about 100 guests and being the freak that I am, I don't remember much of it. See I have terrible stage fright. What was I thinking when I planned this thing out? We honeymooned in Las Vegas and all was good.
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We had a "Murphy's Law" wedding - whatever could go wrong, did. Our big mistake was to do everything on one day - the civil ceremony (required in Germany) and the church ceremony. Most people here schedule them days, weeks, or months apart, but we wanted to get things over with as quickly as possible, and it was extremely strenuous. Our witnesses to the civil ceremony got tied up on the autobahn and were late, the registry office gave me a hyphenated "double" last name (which I made them change before I would sign anything), the priest who performed the religious ceremony thought I was marrying my brother-in-law, and used his first name, almost making me a bigamist, my maid of honor had never been baptized in any religion (a hitch nobody but the priest thought to ask about), and almost all of our wedding guests ended up staying overnight, so we had to sleep in a storage closet our first night as a married couple, because almost every square inch of the apartment was "occupied"!
Monday is our silver anniversary (25 years), so obviously we survived our "day of horrors"!. If I had to do it over again, I'd simply elope.
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My wedding was beautiful! We married in the church I grew up in since I was 12. My old youth pastor married us. It rained cats, dogs, monkeys, and elephants but I hardly noticed. Except for leaving the hair salon with my bridesmaids and I all wearing plastic bags on our heads to cover our do's. Our reception as in a beautiful ballroom. It was a wonderful day surrounded by our family and friends. The only thing I regret is not hiring a professional videographer. My cousin's boyfriend video taped it so the picture is a little......well........not professional. Oh well! It was also very hot in the church for some reason. The whole day was special. I did all the flowers and the decorations were hung by my MOH and some other friends and family. My cake was a fabulous octagon shape. My mother's friend made it as a gift to us. She drove at least 6 hours to do it. She had also made my mother's cake for her wedding. She came out of retirement to do mine. It was very very special! I basically got to design it myself. And oh did it ever taste gooooo! Clarie used a raspberry filling. It was to die for! I was very very happy with my wedding. I still feel like just the luckiest woman to have married such a wonderful man. He has his butthead days but then so do I! We just love each other anyway!
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Originally Posted by jcat
we had to sleep in a storage closet our first night as a married couple, because almost every square inch of the apartment was "occupied"!
Oh you poor thing! A storage closet! That is one I've not heard yet! But congratulations on 25 years! I look forward to hitting that mark and beyond with Nathan.
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My husband's band was playing in Florida and I went to visit for the Christmas/New Year's holiday. I had our rings made by a jeweller friend of mine here in Toronto and took them with me.

The day after New Year's we got our license in Plant City, had blood tests done and 3 days later got married in Tampa. I had to fly back to Toronto that night and my husband's band came home several months later.

I cried from happiness so much the minister didn't think I would get through the ceremony. I threw my bouquet to the patrons at the Holiday Inn in Plant City that night from the stage and my husband threw my garter. Some lovely folks asked me to sit with them so I wouldn't be alone while my husband was playing and several gentlemen danced with me.

Then one couple took me to their ranch just outside town to show me their pet lion, Jason. They wouldn't let me in the cage with it (I would have gone) but it was awesome for me. When I got back to the hotel, my husband said "I bet you wanted to get in the cage with it"! He already knew me by then! The folks down south really treated us well.

When my husband came home we had a party for all our friends to celebrate.
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We decided to get married , which after thinking about the cost we decided to go to the Justice of the Peace . We was excited but not as excited as if we was getting married with friends and family around. We really had come together after a few years of some really bad times so we wanted to show everyone how much we loved each other and things had changed for the better .

We hadn't talked about the wedding to much we just new that it was coming soon. The date was for Jan 11th 2003. November 20th just a couple months before I found an old dress white dressed that had some wear and tear I bought it and decided to fix it up. I paid $75.00 in total for the dress, material, flowers and bits for it. Then I got to work. I went to my hubby and said you know what we can do this. We can have a big one. We really can..

We got started right away. We found a hall, music, bar, and a friend to do the food. I made all the flowers, bouquet and baskets for the wedding even designed my own cake. We made our inventations and program cards for the church. I could not believe how this was all coming together. Everything was done with White, Silver and Royal and saphire Blue. I always wanted a winter white wedding and that is was. It even snowed on our wedding day it was beautiful.

If you would like to see some of the pictures of the wedding and reception the link is below. The link for the reception is on the bottom of the wedding page this also has our wedding song on it and if you know our story the sond is most fitting.

Our Wedding Page
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Not married here, but I'd love to.
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We got married in a huge beach house duplex that my sister & brother-in-law own in Orange Beach, Alabama. My other sister got married there just three months before us, out on the beach. We had ours in February so it was a bit cold for that, plus we wanted something different than hers, so we set up the great room on one side with an "altar" in the corner and rented chairs in rows... lots of candles every where with a big blue ocean view out the big windows. We timed it perfectly... it had rained all day the previous day and every day of our honeymoon after, but it was BEAUTIFUL for that one day... we knew what time sunset was so we waited until it was just starting to set. The photos after on the balcony had the most perfect orange sunset! I wore a white dress (even though it was my 2nd marriage, my first was not formal at all), with a train too long for the space so when I was at the front it ran up the aisle nearly to the back row!

We had a formal dining room set up in the great room on the other side of the duplex. My brother-in-law and sister also own a restaurant so they catered chicken parmesian with lots of fancy appetisers. While we were finishing our dinner, a couple of the guys went back over to the other side and dismantled the chair rows into a big circle to make a dance floor.

The crowd was light... cancellations started pouring in two months in advance so I knew it was going to be and was very disappointed. After all, the house was 4 hours away from our home/work/friends and 9 hours from my family in Tennessee. The dancing didn't last long... maybe just a few songs, and people started leaving. I had put a lot of work into the details so it was beautiful (and I, too, can barely remember it so I have to look at the photos!), but I wish more people could've gone. We might've just found a little chapel in town had we known!

Here's our Wedding Photo Album , although most of my favorite pictures aren't in there for some reason!!! Sadly, hurricane Ivan plowed through our house seven months later, so we'll never get to go back.

EDIT: Oh, I found a good sunset photo!
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Not married yet myself, but I know when Bradley and I DO get married (which will hopefully be not too to far off!) it will be the best day of my life!
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We had a tornado on the way to the reception. I guess you could say we got off to a stormy start.
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Have been married 2 years this July (2nd marriage for both of us).

We lived directly across from the beach so we figured why not? We had an open-house reception-like party in & around our condo...then marched the entire wedding across the street to the beach. It was beautiful. We got married right on the sand. Lot's of heads sticking out of windows to watch & passerbys. I think the real attraction was that it was a "traditional biker" wedding. My husband loves his Harley's so it was a "please wear your best biker" attire. Lots of bikes...lots of tattoos...lots of very big men wearing black. It felt like one big bike run/party was a lot fun. Probably one of the best weddings I've been too was my own.

Was a bit difficult figuring out what I should wear because not only were our friends all invited, but of course our family...some conservative.

I ended-up wearing a very short white mini skirt with a white bustier...and of course a white veil. Interesting to say the least.

Would do it all over again and not change one thing.
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I'm not married yet, but I will be in December! I'm just excited because it will be winter time and we're going to have a winter theme- with pointsettias instead of flowers at the alter, jingle bells as favors, etc. We're going to have a traditional protestant wedding because neither of our families get too into the whole Quaker worship thing. I am keeping some Quaker traditions though, with hand calliagraphed wedding certificate and traditional Quaker vows incorporated. I just love the vows! Nate's grandpa is going to do the ceremony at his Brethren church.

I love hearing about everyone's weddings!!
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This is what I wrote in my wedding dairy a few days after we came home from our honeymoon. Hope noone gets bored reading this

We started our day in a flurry of activity, with hair appointments starting a 7:30am. All of the wedding party took over the hair salon and had a great time getting our hair done for the big day.

At noon we had to be at the church for the makeup artist to start on all of our makeup. For the next couple of hours we all had fun getting dressed and doing makeup. Me I was a nervous wreck with all of the activity and noise that was going on. But of course I made it through that. I just took a few minutes by myself and walked around the church grounds for a minute or two of reflection.

When the photographer got there at 2 we started the pictures of the bride's family and wedding party. My flower girls shoes were in our car so at first everyone was upset because we didn't have their shoes. My photographer just went ahead and did a few candid shots of the fgs without their shoes. He did say that they would make great shots of them without the shoes and would be really cute so I agreed to that.

As time grew nearer I was more and more nervous. When the music started for the wedding party to go into the church I almost thought that I would faint. As my Dad and I stepped into the line for us to go into the church I spotted my handsome husband to be, as soon as I looked at him I felt an incredible calm come over me and the nerves were all gone. I remember as I was being escorted up the aisle that I had the biggest smile on my face.

My Dad was in tears and you could hear it in his voice as he handed me over to the man of my dreams. As my husband took my hand and told me how beautiful I was the whole entire church just faded out and we were the only two people there. We said our vows with sincere love and devotion to each other as my maid of honor and the entire wedding party was quietly crying. I held my tears in check but you could hear the quiver in my voice as I spoke the words to my husband.

When my husband put the ring on my finger and I put his ring on his we both had an enormous emotional surge of happiness go through us. The kiss was one that took my breath away and made me forget that we were in a church. When the Pastor introduced us to the guest seated in the church as Mr. and Mrs. it was the happiest day in my life.

After the ceremony we had a few minutes of pictures to take and then we went to the reception. Every thing was as I had always pictured it would be with the guests enjoying themselves eating, laughing and having a good time.

My advice to new brides is to take a minute to reflect what this day means. Smile and enjoy the day for there will be no other like it. Time goes by really fast on the big day just remember to have fun.
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thats lovely cathi, well said
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Originally Posted by esrgirl
I'm not married yet, but I will be in December! I'm just excited because it will be winter time and we're going to have a winter theme- with pointsettias instead of flowers at the alter, jingle bells as favors, etc.
OOH, girl I'm so jealous! That's the way I wanted my December wedding to turn out. But D(ex)H couldn't be sure he could get home on leave, so we wound up doing an impromptu family ceremony:

We decided to get married while DH was home on leave over Christmas, so we drove to the courthouse on Dec 26 to get the license, and on Dec 27 we gathered (me, DH, my parents, his parents & little sister) at my home church for a very intimate ceremony. We both had colds and were absolutely miserable. I wore an outfit I had worn to a funeral four months before. my MIL stopped by the grocery on the way home to get a 1/4sheet cake, which we shared at his family's home before I went home with my mom to sleep off my illness. So, we spent our wedding night in different houses!
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I'm not sure what you're interested in hearing, so I'll do my best!

I just got married last July - it's almost been one year! We got married in San Diego, CA, right by the water. My father is retired US Navy, so we were able to use one of their facilities. It looked just like Hawaii! Due to my heritage, our love of Hawaii, and the location, we had an Asian/tropical theme. Our wedding was small - approximately 65 guests. I had two attendants, friends from college; my DH had his two brothers as his attendants.

I have problems with anxiety so it was actually kind of a rough week and day for me, but my doctor prescribed me anti-anxiety medication for the day-of. I take it VERY rarely, but it really helped me to calm down and appreciate the celebration.

Our ceremony started at 6:00, so we got to watch sunset during the reception. The ceremony was brief - about 20 minutes - but really nice. Our officiant personalized the ceremony really well and worked in the all the pieces we wrote. We had a nice dinner, socialized with guests, danced. Our cake was so good! We chose two flavors: pineapple marscapone and peaches and cream. Our cakery makes a fresh, free "top layer" for each couple for their first anniversary. I just put in our order (pineapple marscapone) and we're looking forward to having that cake again!

The night was sort of surreal. Sometimes I felt like I was watching it all happen through someone else's eyes. But what everyone says is true - it goes by really fast, so be sure to step back and take it all in. Enjoy the moment!

If you're interested in photos, I have some here; just click on the little link that says: "View photos without signing in" under the orange "continue" button.
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Not married yet but I do know that I would LOVE to get married at Turner Field in Atlanta(home of the Atlanta Braves) !!!!
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We got married this past January, and it was a really small and casual outdoor wedding. I'm talking less then 75 guests and it was under a huge oak tree next to a lake!! (I didn't even wear a dress) but then again I hate dresses. I'm not a big attention seeker so we had a lo-key wedding. Afterwards we had a party for the younger crowd (no family) and the next day we left for our 7 day cruise which was AMAZING!

Pic is huge, so I linked it
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Wow Joanne, that is one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I have ever seen! I love the lillies!! I was thinking about having lillies for my bouquet. What a beautiful ceremony!
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My husband and I were married a year ago in March. We got engaged over Christmas after finding out that he would be moving to Japan. The week before the wedding, both of us were starting to get really nervous because he was still stuck in TX awaiting orders before he could come home. He got home 4 days before the wedding and we still had to get the marriage license and pick up his ring. It didn't fit. Luckily, they were able to resize it in time. The unseasonably nice weather we had been having the previous two weeks fizzled out two days before the ceremony and it snowed. The limo never showed up at my house to pick me up, and on the way to the reception it started raining. The parking lot ended up muddy with lots of puddles. In spite of all the crazy things that didn't go as planned, we had a great time. I would have thought I was drunk, except that we never stopped long enough to take advantage of the open bar! Because of the short notice, there were quite a few friends and family members who didn't make it, but it was really important to us to have as many of them there as possible instead of doing a JOP quickie ceremony. We were married in the church I was baptized and confirmed in and the Pastor who had performed both of those previous ceremonies for me was still there to be present at the wedding and reception. We spent two nights at a Bed & Breakfast in VT for our honeymoon before rushing around the next week and a half to get paperwork and stuff taken care of before my husband left for Japan.
You can see pictures here: http://www.geocities.com/aolsen17/weddingpics.html
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It will be 10 years in October, and I still smile

Initially, we thought we'd be doing it all on our own, so we (on a recomendation of one of the nurses I worked with) rented a hall in a park that was a not too far drive from my home city, it had two massive floor-to-ceiling cobblestone fireplaces, a huge functional kitchen, and several rooms which we set up as one with tables and chairs, one for the wedding ceremony/then head table, and used the space for dancing.

My parents did help out, so I was able to relax (a bit!) after this. Our plan was to be married outside near some apple trees with a flower covered trellis..but of course, on the actual day, it was gray and threatening to rain, so we moved the ceremony inside, and friends and family decorated the trellis in front of one of the fireplaces.

Because I am full figured and plump I went with having my dress made by a highly recommended seamstress who did such a super job. I found the shantung silk through an online friend, and also found and purchased some of the lace inserts that were used. The dress still takes my breath away, every detail, the different kinds of lace (same patterned piece for front and back, and a different leaf and flower design from waist to ankle over the shantung silk)...this seamstress did an amazing job, at an amazing price. My veil was silk roses as a headband (?not sure if that's the right word) with veil attached, and I still think it was one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

Fun things....1:everyone left the hairdressers, I was with my matron of honor, and she had a flat. We ended up late enough that everyone wondered if I'd gotten cold feet!

2:We had the recipe (from an old cookbook) for the famous Florentine Bakery (in Utica, NY) recipe for an Italian rum wedding cake...and hired a highly recommended baker in my mom's home town to make this, and then decorate it with basketweave design dressing and fresh flowers - capped by a made for us pair of Fimo cats - I was an American Curl (so she curled the ears back)dressed in a wedding dress and holding flowers, and he was dressed in the same tux design/colors he'd be wearing...it was charming, and to make it complete, my step-father handcarved a computer mouse to add atop the cake (we met via a Pets forum on the Internet).

During the reception, the cake (which, the baker was unable to duplicate the recipe, the night before she told us she couldn't make it...my aunt went to the Florentine, got two of their cafe cakes, brought them to the reception dinner and then the baker took them, took off the crushed nuts & icing, and redid the icing in the basketweave, added a small top layer, and the flowers) began to list. We have a great photo of one of the chef assistant's, gently righting the leaning tower of wedding cake..saving it for us, for which I'll be forever grateful.

We had the wedding catered by a local restaurant - giving them one of my then fiance's original recipes to make, and it was very reasonable (and delicious..they were great!). I had a "from highschool days" friend, who along with his wife is a professional musician..they sang, as a present to me, my favorite song The Wedding Song - see below

Wedding Song (There Is Love) (by Peter, Paul and Mary)

He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts
Rest assured this troubadour is acting on His part.
The union of your spirits, here, has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
There is Love, there is Love.

A man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home
And they shall travel on to where the two shall be as one.
As it was in the beginning is now and til the end
Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again.
And there is Love, there is Love.

Well then what's to be the reason for becoming man and wife?
Is it love that brings you here or love that brings you life?
And if loving is the answer, then who's the giving for?
Do you believe in something that you've never seen before?
Oh there is Love, there is Love.

Oh the marriage of your spirits here has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
There is Love, there is Love.

My father was still with us at that time, having him walk me up the aisle we'd created for the reception was very special. Having authentic Italian cookies - some made by my Aunt (my grandmother was no longer baking by this time), and my mom, was wonderful...we served them to our guests at the end of the reception meal.

It was just a wonderful day, and the beginning of the best years of my life.

Sorry to nater on, but my finding this very special person in my life, was romantic, took quite a bit of nudging from God I am convinced, and I am still aware of how lucky I've been.
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Originally Posted by esrgirl
Wow Joanne, that is one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I have ever seen! I love the lillies!! I was thinking about having lillies for my bouquet. What a beautiful ceremony!
Thank you! My husband's (and my) favorite flowers are calla lillies and orchids, so that's what we used. The vibrant colors really stand out in the pics. My florist was amazing. The whole area looked magical.
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oo joanne ive never seen those flowers before!
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Well, as you'll find out when you start planning, you'll be overwhelmed by all the options and things you've never seen before! I know I was!

Here's another page you might be interested in: Magnificent Bliss It has pictures of ideas that other people used in their weddings. Some people also post the language they used for their wedding ceremonies, timelines, etc.
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Okay, I admit it...it hurts that no one had a word to say in response to my post. Gosh guys.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Okay, I admit it...it hurts that no one had a word to say in response to my post. Gosh guys.
Well, Pat, I just read your post, and I have to say that your day sounded lovely. I'm so pleased you had so many family members around you -- I lived over 2000 mi from my extended family, and they were not able to make the trip, even to the later, formal ceremony.
The Wedding Song always gets me misty (and mind you, I'm not a cryer) and even reading it choked me up a bit. So glad that your friends were there to sing for you.
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Thank you... I can understand a bit of how hard that must have been...my honeymoon (after a couple of days up in Thousand Island park at a cottage my family owned at the time) was moving my packed up house and cats cross country - and I hate being over 3,000 miles away from family.

Yup...love, love, love that song
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honeymoon? What's that?? I didn't get one either time. Got married 2 days after Christmas and had our wedding two days before our cross-country move.
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Montana...I remember Montana...our rental van broke down..had to be towed to a hotel..explained we had cats (10) and needed a hotel with a "pets okay" policy. Where did he drop us off? A hotel with a NO PETS posted sign...sigh. My dh will never forget me on my hands and knees picking up a few bits of litter that had gotten kicked onto the carpet...and I'll never forget the Keystone Cop routine where we were running the cats into the room while seeing a hotel cleaning person approaching down the walk
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