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Biopsy??? Uhhh, NO!

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Little Miss got spayed today! Which is a good thing. The vet had the appointment and called me and I got her in....BUT....she had this place on her left back hock that was there when I adopted her in January. They prescribed me an antibiotic and an ointment to keep on it, which I did. Well, one day last week, I came home, and there was blood in certain places on the linoleum in the bathroom. Well, of course, I panicked, and began frantically searching all 6 cats for wounds. (A bit dramatic, huh? ) After I searched each one, and received the glares that could left me a puddle of ectoplasm, I checked Little Miss. Sure enough. She either 1) banged it and ripped it back open, or 2) she was fighting, and got bit. I called the vet, and they said that since she had an appointment already scheduled to just wait and bring her in then. Well, I told the lady this morning that I wanted her leg looked at and repaired. But that should any tests need to be done, to please contact me first, because I have a limited amount of cash for this. Understand, that I have been saving up to get her done because she would cost me the most, given the fact she needed additional shots. So, I went without haircuts and going out for 2 months to save up the $200.00 I needed to get her done. (It took that long because my husband had a ct scan when he got hit in the eye with fiberglass, and I had to pay that off due to our 20% co insurance fee, and then he needed tires, and life just happened.)
I just called a little after 2 pm today to check on her because I was nervous as hell...and they tell me that she made it through everything fine, but that her leg required additional surgery....ok, whatever it takes to make her feel better....but they sent off for a biopsy, that would be $70.00 extra without my consent. WHAT????!!!!
The lady explained to me that it wasnt necessary because they are certain its just where it had abcessed when she hit it, and they have it bandaged and are sending home something or other, but that they were going to send it off anyways. I told the lady, I wasnt trying to be a pain, but I didnt have the additional $70.00 to pay them, and since they dont do payments, and you can only post date a check 2 days AFTER the services rendered date, and the fact that they didnt get my consent AFTER I specifically asked them to, I told her I wasnt in a position to pay it. She said, Oh, well, I didnt realize that you had left specific instructions....dont they look in files?? I wrote it on the consent forms in addition to verbally speaking my request. So, they aren't going to do the biopsy at this time, but when I bring her back for a follow up, they are going to look at her leg, and we will go from there.
Was I wrong to want to wait a week to have a biopsy done? The lady acted like I was being unreasonable. But the vet said it wasnt necessary because I spoke to him myself. He said it was an OPTION, but he didnt recommend doing for something like this. Its a good thing I like my vet, and the receptionist was the problem, or I would pack my cats and we would go play in another sand box!

Little Miss took a turn for the worse after her spay. They have her in an incubator! I am so worried now....
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I am astonished that they would not do the biopsy asap!! I am sorry but it makes no sense to wait - they wait, they may have to take a new sample and what is there are problems, what is the biopsy is positive. I guess bc I am in the oncology field, (almost said biz but it is not a biz to me), I see the need to do it immediately. I realize I work with humans and that is prob different than a vet hospital BUT if iy were my patient, I'd want to know the result NOW!! Like YESTERDAY! So can they not draw up a fee shecule? It seems cold hearted of them not to?

Now if they did the biopsy and there is no need, that is another story. But she did have a lump right? Tjose things are routinely biopsied by my vet.
(And if they were not, I'd be in the marjet for a new vet - actually mine is excellent - I have absolutely NO complaints!)

What do they mean by a "turn for the worse"? I am so sorry to hear that. Did you ask them to be more explicit - to go in and see her??? I know spay surgery like any surgery has risks but was this unexpected? If I were you, I'd visit there and ask to see my cat. Any possibility of a second opinion?

As more of us have furbabies, we so need a public health care systems for pets!
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Any more news on how your girl is doing? I'm sorry things weren't going well after her spay

Re the biopsy, I trust my vet...if she felt in anyway that it was necessary, I'd do it and do it now versus putting my cat through another procedure..but then, this is also why I have some of my credit card debt...and I understand your position. So...if my vet said, no it's an option but not necessary in my opinion, I wouldn't have done it.

Hang in there, and update us when you can.
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Okay....so heres what happened....apparently, on Friday, when they went in and spayed her, they did not plan on having to operate on her left leg. But they ended up having to, and that meant she had to be under anathesia (sp?) longer. After I called at 2:30, my husband went to pick her up at 4:30, and she was not doing well. They said it took her too long to wake up and that her body temperature had dropped dramatically, and she needed to remain in the incubator overnight. Of course, I was worried, shes my baby...and she was fine 2 hours before that. So, I left work, and went down there and spoke to them about having the biopsy done. They said they would do it, because I have rescued so many strays, and that I could leave them with a check post dated 2 weeks from the day of the examination. So, that worked out fine. I did get to see her, and she looked awful, and it broke my heart to leave her because I could hear her crying...Saturday morning, my husband went and we were able to bring her home. We have to giver her Amoxidrops 2 times a day, and her leg is in a bandage, and she goes back in on Friday for a check up. Shes doing really well with the stitches, but shes trying to chew the bandage off, so i dont let her stray too far out of my sight. I know shes feeling better, because shes a talker and shes been fussing at me a lot, and shes been laying with me at night, all night, which is what she used to do before her leg was bothering her. But the biopsy is being done, and hopefully we'll know something. Maybe I am being foolishly optimistic, but I am not so sure its something I should concentrate on at this point. I'd rather focus on getting her back to 100%. Shes negative for feline leukemia, and there are no feline aids symptoms, and we have protected her against that as well. So, I am just going to wait and see what the vet says.
The vet did say that all cats are placed in an incubator while they come out of the anathesia, but that Little Miss took too long and they were concerned. I don't know if maybe they gave her too much, or because they hadnt anticipated having to operate on her leg, they had to put her back under after the x-ray. I dont know. I do know they only charged me for the spay, her leg operation, and the biopsy, along with her updated shots. They didnt charge me for keeping her overnight, and they didnt charge me for the bandages, or the antibiotic. So they worked with me. I really like them, and they really care about the animals. They dont care so much about the money. I will post again once I know about the biopsy.
Thanks for your concern...I appreciate it so much.
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I'm glad she's home and "talking" Thank you for the update...keep 'em coming.
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I can understand why you would be mad, there are times when i am limited with my funds, but even if i had money at all times, i don't like to find unexpected items on my bill. it was rude for them to do it without your permision first. and she should have checked the files. my vet works with me and lets me know ahead of time about anything. and he does work out payment plans and holds checks. I have had problems with my credit so no more credit cards for me. so it is not always easy. i heard that pet insurance can help you in the future for these problems, maybe this will help? i am going to look in it, problem is with six cats, i fear it may be more costly per month than the care. but i can understand your anger as i mentioned. you should know beforehand what you are being charged with.
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Everyone is always angry if there are unexpected items on a bill, whether it be for car servicing, plumbing or cat care. I have tried insurance, and I found it more expensive than the bills and very limited in its scope, so now I put away a sum each month equivalent to the insurance, and at least I know there is something there in an emergency. But you have to be disciplined to do it!
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